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CBMEC-1-Operations-Management-and-TQM-Course-Outline (1)

I. Operations Management
- Definition and Importance
- Input-Transformation-Output Process
- Process Hierarchy
- Responsibilities of Operations Manager
II. Operations Strategy
- How can be Operations
Strategy be Formulated
III. Product and Service Innovation
Strategic Role and Stages of Product and Service Innovation
IV. Process Design
- Definition and Objectives of Process Design
V. Layout and Flow
- Basic Layout Types used in Operations
VI. Process Technology
- Definition of Process Technology
- How It Is Being Evaluated and Implemented
VII. People in Operations
- Importance of People in the Operation
- The Responsibilities of Operations Manager to Human Resource Strategy
- Scheduling
MIDTERM EXAM - October 3-8, 2022
VIII. Planning and Control
- Forecasting
- Inventory Management
IX. Operations Improvement
- Approaches to Improvement
- Key Elements of Operations Management
X. Quality Management
- Total Quality Management
- International Organization for Standardization
XI. Managing Risk and Recovery
- Definition of Risk Management
- Identifying Potential
Causes of Failure
- How Can Failure be Prevented
FINAL EXAM - December 12-17, 2022