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1984 - Blooms Portfolio

Directions: Choose ONE of the options in EACH of the following categories.
Design a new symbol for Develop a movie poster
Assemble a soundtrack
Design, Assemble, Construct,
Conjecture, Develop, Formulate, Author,
Appraise, Argue, Defend, Judge, Select,
Support, Value, Critique, Weigh
Big Brother, utilizing
imagery and important
symbolism from the
work. Include a brief
explanation for your
design. If you do this by
hand, be sure to upload a
pic of your work.
for an adaptation of the
novel. Be sure to include
important imagery and
symbolism from the
work. Include a brief
explanation for your
design. If you do this by
hand, be sure to upload a
pic of your work.
for the novel, including
tracks that represent
both characters and
scenes. Include a brief
reasoning for each
song. Create an
interactive doc or slide
with links to the songs
as well as your writing.
Take a stand on whether or not 1984 is still relevant in today’s society and
Defend your claim. Why is the work important? What is the overall message
emphasized by the work? Regardless of where you fall on this argument, make
sure that you fully enforce this idea. Also, include counterarguments and
rebuttals for points that may come from the other side. This should be at least
two pages in length.
Differentiate, Organize, Relate,
Compare, Contrast, Distinguish,
Examine, Experiment, Question
Execute, Implement, Solve, Use,
Demonstrate, Interpret, Operate,
Schedule, Sketch
Classify, Describe, Discuss, Explain,
Identify, Locate, Recognize, Report,
Define, Duplicate, List,
Memorize, Repeat, State
Compare/Contrast this book’s subject matter and handling with another work
of similar material (dystopian/social commentary/warning). How do the works
draw similar or differentiating opinions and conclusions? This should be at least
one page in length. Make sure you make direct references to the other work
(you don’t need quotes, but you will need actual references to events that have
taken place in both).
Solve a problem. Based
on your understanding of
the main subject of the
work, create a new
conflict for the
characters to solve. Your
paragraph response
should cover a realistic
problem and solution for
your characters.
Based on the message of
Implement the basic
the work, demonstrate
tenets of Big Brother’s
the prophetic elements of
beliefs and write a
1984 by showing the
speech that could have
elements of Orwell’s
been given by the
vision which have come
leader himself. Be sure
true. Each element you
to include events that
mention must be
have happened in the
accompanied by a short
work. This speech
explanation. You must
must be at least a page
showcase at least 5 things double-spaced.
Visualize a moment in the book that
you want to recreate in some artistic
Choose a specific scene in the book
way. This could be through art,
and rewrite it in a more modern
photography, animation, film, music,
context. Be as creative as you can,
etc. Write a short explanation of what
while maintaining ties to the original
you have created and what it
work. Minimum of one page.
means/how it ties into the work. Make
sure to upload this to the folder on
LABEL a timeline with the most significant events of the storyline. These
should be scenes that include important events that move the plot forward, and
may also include important symbolism if it adds to the propulsion of the plot in
some meaningful way. As you list these events, be sure to briefly explain them
and their importance. This timeline should include pictures or some other
audio/visual component. This can be hand written/drawn as long as a picture is