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Take Me to Amsterdam
I lived my high school life fully with the “All of the Stars” by Ed Sheeran. It’s from a
movie called The Fault in our Stars by one of the best authors – John Green. This
song gives me a home-like feeling; a safe place where memories could flow with only a
little pain in my old scars.
It has a line:
“So I took your hand, back through lamp-lit streets I knew
Everything led back to you
So can you see the stars over Amsterdam?
You're the song my heart is beating to.”
The feeling is overwhelming and this is one of the many reasons which made me want
to visit this city, the whole country rather.
Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. It is located in northwest Europe. It is noted for
its flat terrain dotted with canals, tulip fields and windmills, as well as its bicycle paths
and trails.
It is good to go there because the difference between the lowest-paid and highest-paid
employees is negligible, and people are extremely informal with one another. Women
are also free to act and dress however they like, and they are generally safe when they
are on their own. Moreover, in the Netherlands, particularly in the larger cities, there are
many distinct cultures and peoples to be found.
Besides the fact that there are excellent museums, especially in the capital city, the
public transportation system is simple to use, reasonably priced, and quite well timed.
Lots of interesting architecture to visit, as well as national parks and the Wadden
Islands, which are really enjoyable. The country can appear to be a little homogeneous
at first glance, but once you start traveling around, you will notice the great distinctions.
That being said, here are some great spots that you won’t want to miss:
It is known as the "Venice of the Netherlands" for its thatched roof farmhouses and
wooden arch bridges, which can be traversed via bike lanes or canals—either by boat
or on ice skates during the winter months when the ice is frozen solid.
This is the place where you can find lots of windmills. They lie on the Dutch countryside.
This place is a UNESCO world heritage site. In exact, there are nineteen monumental
windmills there and are believed to be helpful in preventing flood. Strong structures as
they were all built in early eighteenth century.
Another important thing that highlights Netherlands are the tulips. Thus, it is a lot better
to go on a travel in this country during the tulips season.
Make the journey to the Netherlands in the middle of April to witness the tulips at their
peak blooming splendor. Tulip season lasts from the end of March to the midst of May,
however the blooms are normally at their peak around the middle of the month of
March. The Keukenhof in Lisse, the Netherlands, is home to more than 7 million flower
buds that blossom every spring. It is one of the top locations to see a wide variety of
tulips in their natural habitat.
I really wish I could go there. Tulips are my top favorite flower but actually I haven’t seen
one in actual yet. Nonetheless, it isn’t impossible to make the world afloat and go here
someday and run alongside the tulips field.
The Netherlands may be a small country, but it is filled with world-famous landmarks
and historic sites. Learn out about our tulip fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden
shoes, canals and bridges of Amsterdam, Old Master paintings, ceramics from the Delft
region and lots of bicycles.
It sounds cozy and a dream life for me. Take me to Amsterdam.