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Chhy Yong Soeung
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Mr. Robinson A. Rubio Jr.
Component 3 Team Project
CIE May/June 2022 Series
Topic Area
Water, food and agriculture
Is agricultural labor properly acknowledged?
We would like to come up with a way in which we can inform the
community about the hard work that farmers put in to provide us
with the produce that we want. We want to enlighten them to not
take hard labor done by others for granted.
Outcome Description
Create a short video film to achieve the aims outlined above
In superstores, and markets, there is a lot of agricultural produce
being sold at relatively cheap and affordable prices. Many of the
people who buy their groceries take the items they buy for granted
due to its cheap price and abundance. We are interested in finding
out how much effort and money is put into growing their crop yields
and whether it is actually a profitable business in our day and age.
We think that this project is worthwhile because the groceries
people buy have been incorporated into every student’s daily lives
and being able to show them how much effort they put in to
provide the produce that we need.
Words: 111
Evaluation of project outcome
I think our project outcome was adequate in terms of achieving our aims, the quality was
acceptable enough to encapsulate audience viewers but there was only one flaw that I have
seen in our research which was the amount of respondents to our interview. We had only
interviewed 10 farmers in total including both our self employed and farmers employed by
private companies. Besides that, our presentation and research inside the video was sufficient
enough that I think it makes up for the flaws of the number of respondents. After our brief
presentation to the students, many of them had taken our survey and we were able to garner
up 38 student answers. The main limitation to the research is that the farmers had not farmed
the same type of plants and thus made our primary data inconsistent. We had trouble finding
farmers willing to interview that were near our city, nonetheless farmers that farmed the same
type of crops. Additionally, during our student surveys, we failed to include a cross cultural
perspective by interviewing other students besides the ones in our school, possibly from a
different country or city.
Own work processes, contribution and learning
I had done a lot of planning when organizing our deadlines and ideas. I believe I made a heavy
contribution towards the progress and consistency of our work as I was the one who was
constantly reminding my teammates assuming the role as a group leader to lead my team when
working and delegating tasks appropriately to each member. I am largely thankful for the trust
that my teammates had placed on me when it came to deciding our chosen topic, our aim and
goals, and leading them. I was also the head when it came to communicating with new people
and strangers and asking if they would work with us. I had found our farmer respondents and
although it's not a lot, I am still proud that I was able to learn how to talk to strangers and how
to communicate more naturally when nervous. I still have areas of improvement to work on
when it comes to communicating and I believe that this is a skill that will only come more
naturally as I garner more experience.
Getting the chance to conduct an interview in person and an interview online was a learning
experience as we learn how an in person interview differs from an online interview regarding
the planning methods, the execution, and the circumstances. I was not in charge of collating
the data and information we got from the statistics, but I was able to contribute slightly in the
research for our secondary data. Instead I was given the opportunity to work on our team project
outcome, which we decided to be a video. The process in editing this video was still new to me,
although I have some experience in editing a video, I did not have enough experience to
confidently say I am a good video editor. The video editing process was the most challenging
area for me, as I had a one week deadline to work with and I was ingesting so much information
and guides on how to do different things in the video editing software. After finishing our video
outcome, and analyzing the entirety of our data, I believe that the sample is too small for us to
believe with certainty even in our local area, however it has given us a good idea and vision on
some parts of our local area.
Benefits and Challenge of teamwork
I believe that my team was able to cooperate quite well together, but as the team leader, I was
really challenged in my ability to lead and instruct my fellow members. Undergoing this project,
taking on the role as a leader was extremely stressful and overwhelming for me. I struggled to
meet the deadlines of our plans, although they were met with. Having the organization of our
plans and schedules was able to lighten the work on me and help guide my teammates. Being
able to have a reliable team that was with me did indeed help, as I was able to rely on them
whenever I was overwhelmed and they helped brainstorm ways for approach towards this team
project. During our discussion, Devid raised a bunch of valuable issues that helped us during
our approach to the creation of our questionnaires. Brian was able to efficiently organize our
questionnaires and support Devid during the brainstorming of our questionnaires. Piseth was
able to effectively execute and ask the farmers, adding on questions and making the interview
flow smoothly and naturally. During our research for secondary data, it was extremely frustrating
since we couldn’t find much statistics to compare to our own collected data, and we decided to
just put it off. I decided to work on the final outcome by myself when it came to the editing since
I figured it would only slow down my efforts if I were to work with others. If I were given a chance
to redo this work, I would set our deadlines earlier as I feel like we got off to a slow start as we
weren’t able to adjust to the rapid stream of work.
Words: 880
Student Data
local students
Comparison Data
Extremely hard: 21/38 = 55.3%
Do you believe agricultural Hard: 16/38 = 42.1%
work is difficult?
Medium: 1/38 = 2.6%
Light work: 0/38 = 0%
Less than an hour: 0/38 = 0%
Less than an hour: 1%
1-3 hours: 2/38 = 5.3%
How many hours do you
3 hours: 1%
3-5 hours: 8/38 = 21.1%
think is put into doing their
3-5 hours: 5%
6-8 hours: 20/38 = 52.6%
labor per day?
6-8 hours: 23%
More than the above: 8/38 =
8-12 hours: 73%
Not over $9950: 10/38 = 26.3%
Not over $40,525: 9/38 = 23.7%
How much money do you Not over $86,375: 15/38 = 39.5%
think farmers make yearly? Not over $164,925
Not over $209,425
Not over $523,600
Are agricultural produce in Yes: 17
and Some: 21
affordable in your opinion? No: 0
Farmer Data
Self Local Private
Employed (%) 1Farmers (%)
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