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Case study First Nation vs European Settlers

From November 2010 P2 Resource Booklet
Case study: First Nation American Indians and European Settlers
1. Explain why early exploitation of Plains bison by American Indians could be
considered sustainable.
2. How did this differ from the approach used by European settlers?
3. Explain three ways in which the status of Plains bison as a natural resource has
changed over time.
4. With reference to the map in Figure 6, describe how the range of Plains bison has
changed over time.
5. With reference to Figure 4, predict, giving reasons, two impacts that the decline
of Plains bison by 1889 might have had on local populations of rabbits.
6. With reference to Figure 8, explain why researchers examined economic and
cultural factors as well as ecological factors when they measured the “restoration
potential” for Plains bison herds in different locations.
7. Suggest why the Plains bison is sometimes described as an “iconic”
(representative, very significant) species.
8. Outline the arguments that might be given for preserving Plains bison as a species
by an ecocentric and anthropocentric.
9. With reference to the resource booklet and your own studies, draw a simple
systems diagram to show the role that Plains bison play in a grassland soil system.