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Engineering Manager

• Foster a high-performance engineering culture that embodies Manulife’s values.
• Coach and mentor global Engineering leaders, on key software Delivery Health KPIs,
milestones, and development for their squads by embracing metrics to improve
software development life cycles
• Lead engineering squad transition efforts including working closely with the
leadership team to progressively mature our practices and continually improve all
aspects of the software delivery process.
• Ability to work with engineering data, metrics and reports by identifying patterns and
trends and being able to draw meaningful interpretations from it.
• Understanding of modern software development processes (agile, scrum, etc),
methodologies, and workflows coupled with the ability to articulate technical concepts
and derive solutions
• Implementing programs during onboarding and post-onboarding that will ensure the
success of the engineering team
• Ongoing management consultation to iterate on succession planning. Proactively take
corrective actions in a timely manner and make strategic recommendations to help
engineering managers be more successful
• Proven ability to influence and coach desired behaviors
• An eye for seeing where and when technical and workflow patterns and behaviors can
be improved
• Emotional intelligence and maturity to work with highly capable and empowered
managers across the organization