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Rivian Automotive, LLC. Script

Thank you for the introduction, Jared. I would now like to move on to a briefing of
Germany’s infrastructure. And how we can not only successfully, but efficiently bring
the Rivian R1t Model into said country the most cost-efficient way possible while also
maximizing profits. But to do this, we must talk about some obstacles that we may
face and how to overcome these obstacles. As business ventures, especially one as
large as ours is not all sun and roses. So how has the pandemic affected the
construction industry. Well, very marginally. As said in the presentation already,
Germany is leading the EU in many aspects and one of those aspects was the net loss
suffered in the construction industry specifically. With a marginal 0.5% loss, Germany
was also seen to grow its fixed capital from 380.1 billion Euros in 2021, to a 414.3
billion Euros by the last quarter of 2022. So, though they did manage a slight dip in the
infrastructure of the industry, they were able to bounce back. While the short-term
outlook regarding the improving infrastructure of Germany looks good, there is also
the issue of on-going Russia – Ukraine war. Which has seen massive surging energy
costs, which is undermining current investors, and any future investors in the
construction industry. These costs will in fact result in delays & cancellations. To
combat this, the government has heavily invested in the market of construction,
leading to the coming back of workers and creation of jobs nation-wide. The
government will help and provide the funding until 2026. To make the most out of
their investment, the government has created the plan of leading the infrastructure
into a new age of sustainability. Like Mika has mentioned, sustainability looks good
when looking towards how the industry currently has the stigmatism of being antigreen. This sustainability move will not only lead to more jobs, but also a better
outlook on Germany as a place that one can move too and reside in. As well as the
added benefit of construction workers being intrigued to purchase our product.
Moving on, another issue I would like to cover would be the production of chips. As
you may already know, there is the growing conflict of a chip shortage going on right
now, and as there is no clear solution as of right now besides speeding up production
of these chips. Though, Germany still stands at the top as being the highest
performing country in the EU regarding sales of Electrical Vehicles. With Germany’s
extremely easy access to distribution channels, such as importing & exporting laws
being strict but not extremely strict to the point that it will cause delays, franchising of
stores being quite the seamless process, express delivery being improved on as it is
the new world order and having one of the biggest markets to cater too in terms of
direct marketing. Germany’s infrastructure will be quite stable for years to come.
To quickly conclude our moving of Rivian Motors’ R1T to Germany, I would just like to
brush over a few of the main points that we would like you to think about when
making your decision, which may also ease your mind in giving us the go-ahead to
pursue Germany. With our Hofstede analysis, we can see that the culture of both the
US and Germany are quite similar, which will translate well since we are as you know
a US based company. With the difference of Germany being long-term oriented which
can benefit us if planned properly. While Germany and the EU in general have a longterm plan of Co2 reduction, which includes the offering incentives for consumers
buying Electrical Vehicles today. Economists predicting that there will be a decline of
inflation rates & salary increases by 10% until 2027, and a stable infrastructure. We
feel as if moving our R1t product to Germany is a no-brainer. Their Economy caters to
everything that we’re looking for in moving our product. As I said before it will not be
all sun & roses, as there will be obstacles that we will have to face. But in my opinion,
with the research and the amount of time spent looking at the country that we would
like to enter, it is not really a matter of if we’re going to move to Germany, but rather
when we’re moving our product and company to Germany. The earlier we bring the
company and the product into Germany and do it right this time, the earlier we’re
able to see net gains on Rivian Motors’ Balance sheet. And the bigger the company
will become. (EXIT)