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Fade I just want you to know you are the worst thing to happen to me. I despise you with all my
being. You are a villain, a foul aspect of evil. I genuinely wish the worst for you. I find joy in
imagining you stubbing your toe violently for the rest of your life. Also, delete this part before you
send it off xx.
It was a dark, stormy night in Canada. The wind whipped against Trex's cabin, the muted rattling of
windows could be heard as the wind blew past. Trex was sitting in his favourite armchair, wearing
blue pyjamas and wrapped in a blanket. In front of him, a fire burned steadily, illuminating the room
with a warm glow. Trex enjoyed his evenings with his nose in a good book, especially on a chilly
winter night. To his left, a cup of tea lightly simmered on a side table, steam escaping into the dark
depths of the timer above. It was in his favourite mug. A simple, white mug, with the words “#1
discord mod” etched on the side.
Suddenly, a knock on the wooden entrance to his house breaks his concentration.
"At this hour?" Trex thought to himself. He was unsure whether or not to answer. While it was
likely a neighbour, or perhaps someone seeking shelter from the cold, he was hesitant to open the
door to a stranger, especially this late at night.
Whilst he sat pondering, the sound of the knock repeating echoed throughout his cabin. Trex folded
his book, making sure to keep a note of the page number, and placed it down on the table next to his
tea. He stood up and gingerly approached the door, readying himself for whoever lay beyond.
He slid the locking bolt back from the door, a light coating of rust making the movement rough. As
the knocking continued, he opened the door. A man, no more than 6 foot, stumbled into the
doorway, having lost his balance from the sudden opening of the door. Trex was taken aback, taking
a step back to accommodate the figure. He was wearing a Grey coat, a layer of snow covering the
hood and shoulders. Freshly trodden snow caked his leather boots and wetted his trousers. Trex
watched the shivering stranger cup his cold hands to his mouth and blow into them, desperately
trying to warm them.
“Can I help you?” Trex said.
“Yes, sorry. Are you Trex?” The man replied.
“I am.”
“Its Fade.”
Trex immediately knew who it was. Fade had been a close online friend of Trex for many years, and
they had jokingly talking about meeting up multiple times. Trex had never imagined he would
actually go through with it, considering he lives thousands of miles away in Australia.
“You actually decided to fucking show up holy shit.” Trex exclaimed, relaxing his stance
Trex moved to the side and let Fade into his house, closing the door swiftly behind him. The
blizzard outside howled, and Trex didn’t want to let all the heat out. Fade hurried over to the
fireplace, sticking his hands out and allowing the fire to warm him.
“Jesus FUCK it is cold out there, how do you not freeze to death.” Fade said, his body still slightly
“Try wearing the right clothes.” Trex smirked, noting Fades complete unpreparedness for the winter
weather in Canada.
“Yeah well its fucking summer in Australia.” Fade retorted.
Trex moved back towards his chair and sat down, wrapping his hands around the mug and taking a
sip as Fade began to stop shivering and adjust to the warmth.
Fade took off his wet coat and laid it by the fireplace, and began to slowly untie his shoelaces,
slipping off the boots and resting them by his coat. He stretched his legs out by the fire, wiggling
his toes as feeling finally returned to them.
“What in the actual fuck could bring you all the way out here.” Trex asked.
“I think you already know the answer to that.” Fade replied, turning his head away from the fire
towards Trex, a sly smirk visible from the corner of his mouth.
Trex blushed. He knew exactly why Fade was here, and his heart began to flutter in anticipation.
Trex laid his cup back down on the table as Fade stood up and walked over to him, his footsteps
silent as his socks met the fluffy rug on the floor.
Fade leaned over and placed his hands on both sides on the soft armchair Trex was buried in, his
hands just above Trex’s shoulders. Trex’s face was completely flushed at this point, and he stared up
into Fade’s eyes with a timid look.
Fade returned his gaze with a soft smile, and moved closer to Trex. He moved his hand down,
resting it on Trex’s thigh, and leaned in further, meeting Trex’s lips with his own.
They were soft. Surprisingly soft, considering he had been outside in the driving snow for so long.
Trex reciprocated the kiss, instinctively moving a hand and working it under Fade’s shirt. He was
warm, and Trex could feel his firm muscles as he worked his hand up and down his chest.
Fade lightly broke the embrace, and slowly leaned back.
"Why don't we take this further?" Fade grinned.
He offered out his hand. Trex gazed into his eyes as he took his hand, pulling himself out of the
chair. Fade's hands were cold, and bigger than Trex's. He linked fingers with Fade, and felt the pull
as Fade led him up his stairs to his bedroom, each step creaking lightly as they went. Trex had
fantasised about this for so long, and couldn’t wait. He wanted this so badly.
Chapter 2: Sheets
Fade grabbed Trex and pushed him onto the white sheets, his head falling into the silky covers.
Fade clambered on top on him, taking off his shirt to reveal his chiselled frame, and leaning in to
once again embrace Trex’s lips with his own. Fade grabbed the bottom of Trex’s shirt, lifting it to
reveal his pale soft skin. With an intricate delicacy he wormed his right hand up Trex’s chest,
brushing his hand over his erect nipples. Fade felt Trex shudder as his cold hand played with his
“C-careful...” Trex stammered.
“Don’t worry, I will be.”
Fade moved his hand from Trex’s chest downwards, stopping below his waist. He could see Trex’s
erection through his pyjama bottoms. He slowly caressed him through his pants, moving his hand
up and down his hard shaft. Trex let out a soft sigh as pleasure filled his body. Fade moved his
hands up Trex’s waist, and with the gentlest of touch, slid down Trex’s trousers. He wasn’t wearing
any underwear.
Trex’s member rose slightly from his abdomen, and twitched slightly as it stood there. Trex moaned
quietly as Fade cupped his hands around his cock, moving his hands sensually around the tip. Fade
smiled, and before Trex knew what was happening, Fade opened his mouth and moved in. Trex
gasped as he felt Fade’s warm mouth envelop his shaft, taking it in his mouth in its entirety. He had
never felt anything quite as pleasurable in his life. The soft, fleshy insides of Fade’s mouth worked
their way around Trex’s throbbing dick, his tongue feeling every inch. Trex watched as his head
bobbed up and down on his cock, drops of saliva dripping down his member. With his left hand, he
fondled his balls, feeling his way around Trex’s smooth, shaven sack.
Trex could hardly contain himself. He was on the edge of climaxing, but didn’t want to cum so
early. He couldn’t help himself. The warm insides of Fade’s mouth were too much. He squirmed as
he reached climax, exhaling with a moan as he blew his load into Fade’s mouth. His cock pulsed as
he delivered bout after bout of his warm fluids into the back of Fade’s mouth. Fade was surprised,
he didn’t expect such an early reaction. His semen was salty, and smooth. With a swift gulp he
swallowed it all.
“That was fast.” Fade remarked, Trex’s cock still half in his mouth.
“I-I couldn’t hold it.” Trex panted back.
Fade stood up, and began to undo his belt buckle. He slid his pants down, revealing his red boxers.
His throbbing rod was easily visible, protruding outwards, pushing the fabric of his underwear to its
limits. Now that he took his tight trousers off, he could finally be free. His gaze never left Trex as
he slid his underwear down, allowing his cock to show itself. It was bigger than Trex’s, and Trex
watched wide eyed as Fade leaned in to his ear. Trex felt the warm breath down his neck as Fade
whispered in his ear.
“Now its my turn.” He said with a slight chuckle.
Fade scooped an arm under Trex’s knees, lifting his legs up onto the covers whilst also turning him
on his side, exposing his rear. He glided his hand up the back of his legs, weaving his fingers into
Trex’s inner thigh, before finally reaching his posterior. He spread his hand out as he moved over
his cheeks, feeling his way around Trex’s smooth but firm buttocks. Trex let out a quiet yelp as he
squeezed. Fade placed a finger on the bottom of Trex’s testicles, running it slowly up the back of
him. Just as he thought. As clean and smooth as the front. It was almost as if he was expecting him.
Fade dribbled into his hand, globules of spit dripping from his mouth. He spread his saliva all over
his throbbing dick, covering every inch in a light film of his enzymes. His cock glistened in the soft
illumination of Trex’s bedroom light. Fade pressed his chest against Trex’s back, and grabbed his
member, pressing it against Trex’s soft ass as he probed lightly. Trex could feel Fade’s hot breath on
his back, and he winced slightly, clutching the sheets as he prepared for what was about to come.
Fade found it. He brought his hand back up to his mouth, wetting it, and returning it to his rod,
applying extra lubrication to the tip. His cock pressed against the entrance, depressing slightly as it
was met with resistance. With a light thrust he pushed in, and finally broke through.
Trex inhaled sharply and Fade exhaled in ecstasy as his cock slid into Trex’s ass. He could feel the
fleshy insides grip the end of his cock.
“Holy fuck.” Trex moaned.
“Are you ready?”
“Y-yes.” Trex whimpered.
He pushed further, the skin of the base wrinkling as Trex’s tight rear squeezed him. He kept
pushing, and before he knew it, he was all the way inside. Trex could feel it too. It felt like he was
pushing up to his chest, and he never thought he could take that much cock inside him.
Just as he went in, he retreated. He slid it out up to the tip, his member wet with saliva and mucous.
He lingered for a moment, and then went straight back in. And out. And in. Trex let out a soft yelp
every time Fade thrusted. He could feel every inch of Fade’s rigid cock press against the insides of
his ass. It hurt, but he was in heaven. Fade steadied himself, gripping Trex’s shoulder, grabbing hard
as he fucked him deep. With his other hand, he clutched Trex’s throbbing erection, roughly stroking
him as he continued to push himself inside Trex. Trex’s back arched as he writhed in delight. Fade
took a second between his heavy breaths to whisper into Trex’s ear:
“You’re mine.”
He was nearing climax as well. He could feel the pressure welling up in his cock as he railed Trex’s
thin frame again and again. He thrusted for a final time and went as deep as he could. Fade moaned
and buried his head into Trex’s hair as he came inside Trex, blowing thick strings of his nectar into
Trex’s tight ass. He delivered soft, tiny thrusts as he came over and over. Upon feeling Fade climax
inside him, Trex also came, shooting his load across his chest and his bed. They both lay on Trex’s
bed, panting as they recovered from such mind-blowing orgasms. Fade slipped his member out of
Trex, and got up to turn the light off. He returned to bed and wrapped his arms around Trex, kissing
him lightly on the shoulder and throwing the covers over the both of them. The two of them drifted
lightly to sleep, dreaming for the future.