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7. Denmark

Denmark (Danish: Danmark, pronounced [ˈtænmɑk] ( listen)) is a Nordic country in Northern Europe.
It is the most populous and politically central constituent of the Kingdom of Denmark,[N 12] a
constitutionally unitary state that includes the autonomous territories of the Faroe Islands and
Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean.[17] European Denmark[N 3] is the southernmost of the
Scandinavian countries, lying southwest of Sweden, south of Norway,[N 13] and north of Germany.
Spanning a total area of 42,943 km2 (16,580 sq mi),[9] it consists of the peninsula of Jutland and an
archipelago of 443 named islands,[18] of which the largest are Zealand, Funen and the North
Jutlandic Island. Denmark's geography is characterised by flat, arable land, sandy coasts, low
elevation, and a temperate climate. As of 2022, it had a population of 5.88 million (1 March 2022), of
which 800,000 live in the capital and largest city, Copenhagen.[19] Denmark exercises hegemonic
influence in the Danish Realm, devolving powers to handle internal affairs. Home rule was
established in the Faroe Islands in 1948 and in Greenland in 1979; the latter obtained further
autonomy in 2009.