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UP Lekhpal (E) (Exampur) 7th July (2)

Topics to be covered in Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Exam
The Uttar Pradesh Revenue Lekhpal Exam 2022 is to be conducted on 24th July 2022 by the Uttar
Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission. Candidates are working hard to get good marks
but many of them are facing anxiety for the exam. Look! taking stress is okay but if taking stress is
affecting your study routine, you should do yoga or meditation to diminish stress.
As we have few days in our hands so I am hoping that you guys have already covered the whole syllabus.
So, this is the moment when you should start revising the chapters and topics you have learned so far.
To revise you should know which topics need to be covered at this moment. Through this article, I am
sharing some most important topics from each subject. Let’s have a look:Mathematics
Number Systerm, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Average, LCM & HCF, Interest, Mean, Median & Mode,
Bar Chart/ Pie Chart/ Frequency Polygon, Mensuration 2D & 3D, Triangle, Circle, Quadrilateral and
Quadratic Equations.
Rural Development & Rural Society
Rural development in the Indian context, Village Development Management, Rural Development
Research Methods, Rural Health Services, Rural Social Development, Importance of land reform in
rural development, Lekhpal's work and land measurement, Rural Economy of India (Agriculture
System), Rural development and general information in Uttar Pradesh, Panchayati Raj System/
Agriculture system in Uttar Pradesh and Central government schemes/ Uttar Pradesh Government
General Knowledg
General Science :- Biology (Cell, Humon Body, Vitamins, Deaseases) Chemistry, Physics, etc
History:- Economical, Social, Cultural and Poilitical aspects of Indian History - Anciet History,
Midieval History, Modern History, Nature and Importance of Indian freedom movement, Rise
of Nationalism
Polity;- Indian Polity - Indian Constitution,
Economy:- Indian Economy and Planning
Geography:- World Geography, Indian Geography - Land, Soils, Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls,
Agriculture, Irrigation, Multipurpose River Valley Projects, Tribes, Industries, Mineral
Resources, National Park/Wild life Sanctuary,
General Computer Knowledge.
Static GK
Miscellaneous;- Various topics from India’s financial, social, political and religious
institutions, Physical/ Ecology of India, Economical, Social and Demographic Issues.
General Hindi
● सससस, ससससस, ससससस सससस, सससससससससस सससस, ससससस सससस,
ससससस सससस, सससस, ससस, सससस, ससस, ससससससससस सससस,
सससससससससस सस ससस सस सससस ससससससस, ससससससससससस ससस
ससससससस, सससससस, सससससस, ससससस सससससस, सस, सससससस, सससस,
सससस, ससससससस सस सससससस
● सससससस सससस:- सससससस, ससससससस, सससससस, सससससस
● ससससससस सससस (ससससस):- सससससस-सससससस, ससससससससस, ससससससस
सससस, ससससससससससससस
UP Special
Uttar Pradesh: At a Glance, Climate, rivers and streams Soils, Historical Scenario - U.P. and Freedom
Struggle, Music, Folk Songs, Folk Dance, Painting, Major Festivals and Fairs
museum, sightseeing, Tribal group, Agriculture, Irrigation, Animal husbandry and fisheries Industry,
Electrical energy, Mineral resources, Transport system, Forest and Fauna Conservation, Environment
and Pollution Control, Literature and Literature, Journalism, Important institutions, Budget and cabinet,
Sports, Awards & Honors and Schemes of UP Govt.
Current Affairs
About important Persons, Places, Appointments/ Obituaries, Awards & Honours, Sports News, Various
Important Lists & Indexes, Books & Its Authors, Important Committee, Important Days & their Theme
for Current as well as upcoming Years, International News, Visits by World Presidents, Prime
Ministers, Agreements & MoUs & Conference, National News (Indian Affairs), Budget, Taxes, Bills
& Acts Passed by Government, Government Schemes, Important events associated with Science &
Technology, Environment, Defence News, Banking & Economical News, Revolutionary Updates on
Arts & Culture, Political affairs and all Current News and UP Current Affairs.
General Tips
1. You should practice UP Lekhpal Previous Year Question Papers as this will assist you know
the difficulty level of the questions.
2. In which sections you are facing trouble, you can practise the UP Lekhpal Sectional Test at
Exampur which is free for the students.
3. You can also attempt Free UP Lekhpal Mock Test to ace your preparation.
Hope you found this article helpful. Visit Exampur for Free study material.
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