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Huang 1
Justin Huang
Professor Bund
20 October 2020
Personal Local Area Network
1. What is the IP address of your personal computer?
2. What is the IP address of the admin page of your router?
Router Security
1. Is an administrative password set, on your home wifi router?
2. What encryption is set, on your home wifi router?
3. Is a password set, for connecting to your home wife router? What complexity
requirements are put in place (password length, inclusion of non-letter symbols, etc)
My password for connecting to my home wifi router has a mixture of lower and
uppercase letters mixed with some numbers.
4. Research WPA, or whatever security protocol your router enforces. Is it as secure as it
could be? Could you enforce a tougher security regime in your home network, in terms
of connecting client computers to your router?
Huang 2
WPA2 network security providers stronger cryptography and encryption. In
addition, it uses AES which stands for advanced encryption standard, which is the
most latest encryption service you can have today. Apart from WPA, you can use
another security system called WPA enterprise. This security system forces users
to authentic with a unique credential before accessing the home network. WPA is
the best type of security for now because it has the latest and most updated
encryption services.
Transport Layer Security
1. Perform a capture of local wifi traffic in your home network. Locate connections to nonprivate network endpoints (traffic not originating from 192.168.x.x)
Huang 3
2. Is Transport Layer traffic readable? Send a few emails to move text data to and from
your remote email server. Are any frames legible to the human eye?
There are some frames that are legible to the human eye.
3. Verify the SSL certificate on the endpoints (webpages) which you load in your browser.
Are they encrypted via SSL, with active, valid certificates?
Huang 4
4. What about your connections to Amazon, or other shopping sites? Are they encrypted
securely, via SSL?
Amazon and eBay both display that they are encrypted via SSL.
Closing research component
Investigate SSL-TLS. What security advantage does an organization gain, when they utilize this
The security advantage that organizations gain from using SSL and TLS is that it ensures
the information transferred between the online domain and the visitor of the domain is
secure and private. This prevents hackers from stealing any kind of encrypted
information which can be highly valuable.
Summarize each step of your analysis in a word document (pdf preferred), optionally enclosing
screenshots where you deem appropriate. Be sure to include written commentary for each
stage of the analysis.