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Problem Sheet-1
1. A gas in a closed container is heated with 10 J of energy,
causing the lid of the container to rise 2m with 3N of
force. What is the total change in internal energy of the
2. A 0.5 mole of gas at temperature 300K expands
isothermally from an initial volume of 2 L to 6 L
(a) What is the work done by the gas?
(b) Estimate the heat added to the gas?
(c) What is the final pressure of the gas? (The value of gas
constant, R = 8.31 J mol-1 K-1).
3. A gas ( 𝛾 = 1.4 ) of 2m3 volume and at a pressure
of 4×105 N/m2 is compressed adiabatically to a volume
0.5 m3. Find its new pressure. Calculate the work done in
the process?