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CV - Fredrick Kasoma - GOU

Position title:
Database Development/Management Professional
Name of expert:
Fredrick KASOMA
Professional focus:
Software Design and Development
Date of birth:
19th April 1990
Country of Citizenship/ Residence Uganda
A. Education and Qualifications
Institution/ Training Undertaken
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Makerere University, January 2014
Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering
B. Employment record relevant to the assignment:
Date, Organization
and Position
Summary of activities performed relevant to the Assignment
Sept 2018 -Dec 2019
Office of the prime
minister Uganda
Department of
refugees (DOR)
Software developer
 Design and Develop a refugee M& E E-Reporting System to support
the; mapping of implementing stakeholders and services, detect active
and inactive partners that Government assigns to implement refugee
activities, receiving reports on partner investments, appreciation
of reports by OPM, DLGs and Partners and avail data/information on
refugee services.
 The E-Reporting system is also convenient for the respective
stakeholders to report and access reports from wherever they are.
 It also supports online application process for implementers with intent
to partner with OPM
Nov 2018 –May 2019
Yunga Technologies
Uganda LTD
Software developer
 Design and Develop routing system that manages the configuration,
Jan 2018 Oct 2018
Ministry of
Education and
Sports (MoES)
Software Architect &
developer consultant
 Design and Develop a workforce management application (Tela)
June 2016 – Jan 2018
Village Power in
partnership with
Software developer
 Design and Develop a data analytics tool to aid monitoring and
installation, and communication of all Yunga security devices on a
given network. The system also manages the customer subscription
and other payments.
reporting on sales and repayment patterns on solar kits.
May 2015 – June
National Resistance
Movement (NRM)
Software developer
 Design and Develop software applications that accelerate the
March 2014 –
February 2016
Uganda Revenue
Authority (URA)
Lead Software
 Design and Develop an e-procurement systems that manages the
May 2013 – July 2013
Civil Aviation
Authority (CAA)
 Provide systems and user support, Collect and analyze system
collection, organization and dissemination of information. Systems
developed include Event management system to manage the
materials, manpower, and money while organizing an event.
whole procurement life while complying with Uganda PPDA rules and
requirements, lead a software development team.
C. Language skills
English and Luganda
D. Certification
I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this CV correctly describes
myself, my qualifications, and my experience, and I am available to undertake the assignment in
case of an award. I understand that any misstatement or misrepresentation described herein may
lead to my disqualification or dismissal by the client, and/or sanctions by the client.
Fredrick Kasoma
Name of Professional