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The Greatest Showman Analysis

The Greatest Showman Analysis
Name Tubbs
Module 3 – Narrative
English II – Mr. Pincelli
Define the following terms, and answer the associated question:
Hero’s journey: high-low and redeem themselves
1) Inciting Incident:
Is the event that happens that leads to a story?
What is the Inciting Incident in…
A) The Greatest Showman for Barnum:
He loses his job
B) Hamilton for Hamilton:
Become Washington staff
C) The Phantom of the Opera for Christine:
Carlotta resigns
2) Redemption Arc: most protagonist need to have a moment of redemption
3) What is the low point of Hamilton’s arc? Barnum’s arc? What do they do to redeem
Hamilton: (low point cheating on his wife and son death
Back to his wife and moves from pride and hubrious
Barnum: (low point) forgets his family, circus burns
back to his family
4) Dynamic Character:
A dynamic character is one who learns a lesson or changes as a person
5) What two songs illustrate a change in…
A) Barnum: 1._from now on
2. greatest showman
B) Carlyle: 1. rewrite the stars
2 other side
6) How can a film director “force perspective”?
Tilt zoom/ in/out, pan move in or move out and angles
How can a stage director “force perspective”?
Spotlights, blocking
7) Call Back (Reprisal):
8) Something happens that reminds us from earlier
What is the value of a Call Back in a film/musical?
It helps to create continuity __
9) Full Circle:____ repeat line that comes from the beginning
What is the value of a full circle in a film/musical?
It creates an obvious in fulfilling ending to the story