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Science S6- Force

Science- S6 - Force
Standard 6 students were introduced to study about force. To gain their
interest in learning force, they were assigned to make a digital postcard to
share to their pen pal and write a message of information regarding the effect
of forces and its examples. For this purpose, students were introduced to
communicate information as part of the science process skills.
Other than that, they also learned about the frictional force. They were
assigned to identify the advantages and disadvantages of frictional force. In
this task, they work in pairs to produce a slide presentation and to describe
the advantages and disadvantages of frictional force in daily life. They were
given different break out rooms to discuss to complete the task and present
it to their friends. They work well with each other and they even show
appreciations about having frictional force so life would be more easier!
Besides that, they find out the effects of frictional force by doing the
simulation by using Nearpod. They explored the simulation and explained
their understanding. Students discover the factors affecting friction by doing
their own investigations at home too. Students recorded their investigations
and explained their findings in Padlet. These various activities are a great
way to learn and understand the friction.
Students were also assigned to find out the applications of frictional force in
designing certain objects. In this task, they have to make comparisons
between designing ice climbing boots and ice skate boots and also in
designing futsal and football shoes. They have to produce a slide
presentation and must apply their knowledge of frictional force to design
those objects. Most of the students produce stunning works and they know
how to apply knowledge with real based situations. Amazing!