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Assignment 1 (2)

Computer Organization and Architecture
Assignment 1
Q1. Find 2’s complement of the following
i) 10010 ii) 111000 iii) 0101010 iv) 111111
Q2. Explain how to construct a common bus for four registers of n bits each
using three state buffers.
Q3. List and explain the functional units of a computer with a neat diagram.
Q4. Perform the arithmetic operations 35 + 40 and - 35 + (- 40) with binary
numbers in singed 2’s complement representation and signed- magnitude
Q5. Explain register stack organization in detail.
Q6. What do you mean by processor organization? Explain various types of
processor organization.
Q7. What is an addressing mode? Explain in detail about (i) Direct. (ii) Indirect.
(iii) Relative. (iv) Indexed.
Q8. Write a program to evaluate arithmetic expression X= (A-B)*(((CD*E)/F)G)
i. Using a general register computer with three address instructions
ii. Using a general register computer with two address instructions
iii. Using a general register computer with one address instructions
iv. Using a general register computer with zero address instructions.
Q9. Explain the bus architecture with its types. Also, discuss the I/O bus
architecture with block diagram.
Q10. Explain bus arbitration. Explain in detail about the three bus arbitration
methods with proper diagram and its advantages and disadvantages.