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Complex Engineering Problem Structural Analysis (1)

Complex Engineering Problem
Batch: 18CE (A+B)
Semester: 5th
CE306-Structural Analysis
Deadline: 30-04-2021
A three-story commercial building plan and elevation is shown in the figure below. For this project, you will
perform a structural analysis and assessment with anticipated loads. Assume all external joints are fixed and
internal joints are pin. Use E = 36045 Ksi and I = 4374 in4. The following loads are anticipated on the floors:
Thickness of concrete slab = 6 inches (Assume density of concrete = 150 lbs/ft3)
Weight of insulation = 3+R Psf.
Floor Finishes = 30+R Psf.
Live Load = 50+R Psf.
R is the sum of digits of your Roll No. (e.g. if your roll no. is 123 then R is 1+2+3=6)
1. Based on the given floor plan, identify and “label beams and columns”. Use the same labels for all
symmetrical structural elements (for example, if two beams will carry the same load, assign them a similar
label, such as B1).
2. Compute the load transferred from a floor to various beams using the concept of tributary area.
Determine support reactions and draw corresponding shear force and bending moment diagrams of all
beams. Completed diagrams should indicate values of shear and moment at each section where they are
maximum positive and maximum negative. Determine maximum deflection in each beam. Neglect selfweight of the beams.
3. Diagrammatically show how the various loads will be transferred from floors to beams, beams to girders,
and then to columns. Use arrows to indicate the load transfer.