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Arabic/Muslim Holliday’s project
There are four main holidays that the Arab world celebrates more or less every
__ 2-
Eid Al-Fitr
__ 3-
Eid Al-Adha
__ 4-
Mawlid Nabawi
What are the important principles of these holidays?
How do the Arab people celebrate each holiday?
Add images and videos to your project.
Muslim students add their own celebration images and videos.
How to do your project:
1- Lookup up on the internet or ask Muslim students also you may see the
Muslim community in your area celebrating Eid Al-Fitr on Monday, May
2nd; write about what you see.
2- Use your google slides for your presentation minimum of 10 slides. Make
sure you respond to these questions above.
3- Convert your google slides to pdf so you can upload them here.
4- The due of the project is 5/13