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Network Devices

NETWORK DEVICES are various hardware devices which are used to
connect computers and printers to a network.
NIC card
For any machine to connect to a network you first need a Network
interface card (NIC)or Wi-Fi Card.
1. Network Interface Card: It is a physical and data link layer
device used by computers to connect and communicate with other
devices on the LAN. Every NIC is assigned a MAC address so that
it can be easily identified on the network
2. Wi-Fi Card: Wi-Fi Card is used to connect any device to local
network wirelessly.
3. Wireless Access point: This is the physical Area of the
network which provides internet access through Wi-Fi called WiFi hotspot or Wi-Fi access point.
To connect to other computers on a network a HUB, ROUTER
and SWITCH are needed.
4. Hub: Hub is a physical layer device, which has multiple
ports that are used to connect multiple computers or
portions of a LAN together. A hub can be passive or active.
PASSIVE HUB allows signals to pass without changes and
ACTIVE HUBS enhance the signal as it moves from one
device to the other. HUBS are not so secure and safe
NB. The physical layer defines the relationship between a device and a
transmission medium, such as a copper or optical cable
5. Switch: A switch is smarter than a hub, since the hub only
does the work of data forwarding and it filters and forwards
6. Router: This is a network layer device that
operates like a switch and routes/forwards data
packets based on their IP addresses. It maintains
a routing table in transferring data. Also, it
connects multiple networks
7. Repeater
To connect computers to different networks, a BRIDGE and
GATEWAY is needed.
8. Bridge: A bridge connects two or more Local Area
Networks. It handles network that follow or uses the same
9. Gateway: Gateway is a network device used to connect
two or more dissimilar networks (Networks that do not
use the same protocols).