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Entrepreneurship Assignment 3- Uzair Arbab

Current model of CampusHash is subscription based because they provide the service (training)
and in return, they charge a fixed amount for those services.
Pivot means changing the products and processes slightly or completely changing the direction
of the business. It is needed when the business is facing decline in revenues, long term
potential of the business is limited or even the sales are constant at one level.
There are various options of pivot for the businesses:
● Adding some extra services with the primary product
● Changing the functionality of the product
● Targeting multiple segments
● changing the whole business model (subscription to B2B)
Absolutely, the company should go for a pivot option because their current business model will
not grow in future. No doubt, they are earning good from that model but for the long term, the
growth is limited because this business model is successful because the owners themselves
provide those training. When they want to expand, they will not be able to conduct all the
training personally & if they will hire some trainers, it will raise objections on the quality.
The pivot options will increase the scope of the business & ultimately will result in higher
revenues for the business.
The pivot option of an online platform is the most feasible option because it has larger scope &
minimum costs e.g first of all the company doesn't need to go for on-campus simulations, this
platform will result in two income streams (simulation fee, employee management fee).