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Assignment 1 Robotics ECOM 9305

The Islamic University of Gaza – Faculty of Engineering
Graduate Program: Computer Eng.
Course: Robotics
ECOM 9305 "3 C.H."
Second Semester 2021-2022
Assignment No. 1 (8 points)
Problem 1
Shown below is a construction robot having two revolute joints and one prismatic
joint. Notice that the axis of the prismatic joint has an offset of l1 from the first
revolute joint at the origin O. Namely, the distance between point O and point A is
l1, a constant, and the angle between OA and AB is 90 degrees, a constant as well.
Joint 2 is a prismatic joint, whose displacement is given by distance d, a variable.
Using the geometric parameters and joint displacements shown in the figure, answer
the following questions.
Figure 1 Construction robot with two revolute joints and one prismatic joint
a) Obtain the kinematic equations relating the end-effecter position and
orientation to the joint displacements. (3 points)
b) Joint 1 can rotate between 45 degrees and 135 degrees and joint 3 can rotate
from -90 degrees to +90 degrees, while joint 2 can move from l1 to 2l1. Sketch
the workspace of the end-effecter E within the xy plane. (1 points)
c) Solve the inverse kinematics problem to find joint displacements leading the
end-effecter to a desired position and orientation: xe, ye, φe. (3 points)
d) Coding and simulation for a, c (1 point)