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Commonalities between The Chilterns by Rupert Brooke and Love's Farewell by Michael Drayton

Commonalities between The Chilterns and Love’s Farewell
 Both show romantic relationships
o Both relationships are similar because they are both coming to an
end and the man is ending the relationship in both poems.
 “And I shall find some girl perhaps and a better one than you”
and “Come let us kiss and part” show this.
 Both poems use rhyme and rhythm.
 Both narrators use personification.
o Both personify love
 “Even Love goes past” and “love’s latest breath” show this.
 Neither of the narrators are sure about the decisions they are making.
o Drayton appears to be glad about the end of the relationship when
he says “I am glad, yea, glad with all my heart” but he actually is not.
 At the end of the poem in the rhyming couplet there are hints
of recovery for the relationship “From death to life tho
might’st yet recover.”
o Brooke thinks the countryside is more important to him but he uses
negative words to describe it. “The slumbering midland plain.”
 Shows us that Brooke does not actually care about the
countryside and he cares more about relationships.
 Main Similarity – Both writers find out that love means more to them than
they actually made out
o Drayton shows this in the rhyming couplet
o Brooke shows this by using positive language when describing his