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Sample test-HP3 K45 updated

University of Economics, HCMC
School of Foreign Languages for Economic Purposes
Division of English for General Purposes
SAMPLE TEST – Module 3 – K45
Section 1: Language knowledge (40 marks)
I. Choose the best answer for each blank.
How Does a Hedge Fund Work?
The basic structure of a hedge fund is an investment or partnership pool where a fund manager invests in different
securities and equities that match up ……………(1) the fund's goals. One of the ……………(2) distinguishers
about hedge funds is that they are almost always only available to "accredited investors", who have a
……………(3) amount of capital.
In order to be considered an "accredited investor," you must ……………(4) by one of the following: Have a
personal annual income of $200,000 or more for yourself……………(5) , not combined; i.e., if you are married, the
combined income ……………(6) be $300,000 or more annually. In addition, you must have a personal net worth of
over $1 million. This could be either yourself or combined with your ……………(7). What’s more, you must be a
higher-up such as an executive, or director, etc. Also, you must be involved in the hedge fund, or have an employee
benefit plan or trust fund ……………(8) at least $5 million, which must be made before investing.
Hedge funds got their name from investors in funds holding both long and short stocks, to make sure they made
money ……………(9) market fluctuations (called "hedging"). But now, hedge funds have many different kinds of
structures with different assets and ……………(10).
1. A. for
2. A. most
3. A. certain
4. A. obtain
5. A. first
6. A. ought
7. A. spouse
8. A. maximum
9. A. regardless
10. A. is
B. with
B. less
B. few
B. qualify
B. next
B. would
B. sibling
B. minimum
B. despite
B. be
C. to
C. biggest
C. great deal
C. gain
C. all
C. has to
C. cousin
C. approximate
C. as
C. being
D. at
D. further
D. 0
D. reach
D. only
D. had better
D. lad
D. worth
D. in spite
D. securities
II. Choose the best answer.
11. ……….. is defined as a situation in which goods come into and out of a country without any controls or taxes.
A. Competition
B. Free trade
C. Dumping
D. Unemployment
12. A market ………………… is the company or product that is second in market share.
A. leader
B. challenger
C. sector
D. merger
13. The group's legal advisers said they were taking the ………… to tackle online privacy issues.
A. freedom
B. philosophy
C. initiative
D. emphasis
14. ……………… is a measure of how well a company controls its costs, which is calculated by dividing a
company's net income by its revenues.
A. Brand awareness
B. Market research
C. Market challenger D. Profit margin
15. Many people believe that ……… industries which are very important to the economy must be protected.
A. infant
B. catering
C. cottage
D. strategic
16. They invited university faculty …………… to discuss their latest research.
A. on
B. in
C. out
D. off
17. Countries which truly believe in free trade try to ……. their trade, that is to say, they take away barriers to trade.
A. change
B. liberalise
C. protect
D. fight against
18. Another part of Google's objective is to make its workplace ……….. fun.
A. feel
B. feels
C. feeling
D. to feel
19. ……………… you ……………. the goods by Friday if we place the order on Monday?
A. Would / deliver
B. Have / delivered
C. Will / deliver
D. Had / delivered
20. Chanel S.A. is a high fashion house ………….. specializes in haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury
goods, and fashion accessories.
A. that
B. which
C. where
D. Both A&B
21. The company was inefficient because it was highly …………….. .
A. hierarchical
B. dynamic
C. impersonal
D. bureaucratic
22. We need to decide soon what marketing strategy we should ……………. for these new products.
A. pursue
B. calculate
C. produce
D. demand
23. Product ……………….. is a marketing technique where brands or products are incorporated into films or
television programs.
A. lifecycle
B. range
C. placement
D. launch
24. The company has made strenuous attempts to improve its ……….. in recent years.
A. stretching
B. image
C. lifecycle
D. segment
25. He rejected the job offer from our CEO, ……….. made everyone find it difficult to understand.
A. who
B. that
C. which
D. Both B&C
26. I’m going to talk about our new range of shoes, which we're selling ……….. the brand name Excel.
A. at
B. for
C. off
D. under
27. Great emphasis is …………. on engaging employees.
A. done
B. made
C. placed
D. taken
28. The company has been taking action to protect consumers …………….. high-pressure sales tactics.
A. for
B. of
C. against
D. about
29. ……………. some technological innovations, we have doubled our production for the last two quarters.
A. Due to
B. Thanks to
C. Owing to
D. All are correct.
30. Apple's iPhone is a very successful ……………… , with models at a wide range of price points.
A. company logo
B. product line
C. sales team
D. management style
31. If the price of petrol ……………… further, we will make a loss.
A. rises
B. raises
C. will rise
D. will raise
32. Any staff reductions will be made on a(n) ………….. basis.
A. independent
B. voluntary
C. serious
D. interactive
33. All businesses, regardless of type, must comply ……………. regulations and statutes, which come from all
levels of government.
A. on
B. in
C. with
D. at
34. We had invited three speakers, one of ……….. was unable to come.
A. them
B. which
C. whom
D. who
35. Companies should get their employees …….. and motivated to do something in their own communities ……….
respect to the environment.
A. inspiring – with
B. inspiring – for
C. inspired – with
D. inspired - as
36. Skilled leadership involves not just ……….. but proactively and constructively reshaping events.
A. react
B. reacting
C. reacted
D. reacts
37. These actions are ……….. to be painful.
A. like
B. liked
C. liking
D. likely
38. He argues that management has to take such a task …………..
A. criticized
B. serious
C. seriously
D. criticizing
39. Working on the noisy, frenetic trading desk, two bright and ambitious …………… from different worlds
became close friends.
A. some twenties
B. twenty-somethings
C. twentieth-somethings
D. something-twenties
40. C&C will start to stock laptops at each of its 100 stores, ……… its successful entry into the PC market last year.
A. followed
B. following
C. to follow
D. follow
Section 2: Language use (60 marks)
I. READING: Read the following passages and answer the questions that follow.
What makes consumers choose one airline over another or one mortgage provider over its rival?
Our research shows that your reaction to a brand depends on your experience of buying, using or owning it and not
just on advertising. The most important part of that experience is often your personal interaction with people. This is
an area that most companies don’t understand or invest enough in. Take airlines. Satisfaction with cabin crew
contributes more to people choosing the same airline again than other factors. Why do companies not spend more
on their people when there are clear benefits? Here are two common reasons.
It’s too expensive
Many organisations know that people matter. But they don’t invest in this area because they think it is a luxury they
cannot afford. And it’s true that some role models, such as the Four Seasons hotel group or Virgin Atlantic Upper
Class, would be too expensive for most to copy.
But there are smart, affordable solutions that create a lot of brand value out of only a little customer interaction.
First Direct earns the highest level of customer recommendation of any UK bank through just the telephone contact
with its customers.
Customers at QVC, the market-leading television shopping channel, value their interaction with the station’s people
– in this case not the call centre staff who take the shopping orders, so much as the relationship that viewers believe
they have with QVC’s onscreen presenters.
The importance is not clear
Satisfaction surveys can hide the importance of people. For example, choosing a mortgage is often very influenced
by counter staff in a bank or building society. Research with customers at the critical stage, where they have
received a quote but not yet signed a document, shows that their interaction with the mortgage provider’s
representative is the biggest single influence on their choice.
It is bigger than perceptions of the products and fees, which are often the subject of the brand’s advertising and
communications. Yet in the same research conducted after the loan is given, customers may have forgotten the good
customer service they received and may focus more on general brand impressions. If you conduct your research at
that point – and this is often the case – the very important role that your staff have played will not be clear.
Financial Times
Choose the best answer.
1. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A. Advertising is by far the most important way of supporting a brand’s image.
B. Companies often don’t invest enough in counter staff.
C. Customers may become loyal to an airline if they like the cabin crew.
D. Four Seasons and Virgin Atlantic have invested a lot in their people to build brand value.
2. What does brand advertising and communication often focus on?
A. customer satisfaction
C. staff
B. products and fees
D. their staff
3. Mortgage customers’ experience with staff is ________ influence on their decision to buy.
A. not considered a big
B. almost never an
C. the most important
D all are correct
What does each of the following underlined words/phrases refer to?
4. “….value their interaction with the station’s people ….”(paragraph 4)
5. “……where they have received a quote.. .” (paragraph 5)
Which words in the passage mean the following?
6. something that happens to you that affects how you feel
7. reasonably priced
8. the pleasure of having everything you need or want
Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word from the passage. Put it in its correct form or tense if necessary.
9. There are two common reasons why companies don’t invest enough in their personal ________with customers.
10. They took out a £400,000 ____________ to buy the house.
II. Writing: Marketing report – Findings
You work in Marketing Department of Spring Balm. In the last three months, the launch of your company’s new
products has not been successful. You are asked to conduct a market survey to find out what the reasons are.
After collecting data, you have to write a marketing report to submit to the management so that they can make
right decisions for a new marketing campaign. One of the most important parts of your report is Findings, which
are based on the following factors:
Sample size in the survey
over 500 interviews / consumers.
1/5 of the consumers / try our new products
almost 90%/ our products / overprice / well-established brands.
the name Spring Balm / still mean nothing to most consumers.
many of those / heard about the Spring Balm collection / complain
And here are the Findings that you need to complete. (20 marks)
The aim of this report is to determine the reasons for the failure of the launch of our new range of Spring Balm
toiletries. (1) __________________________________________________________________. (4 marks)
I shall begin with my findings about the products themselves. About (2) ________________________ (4 marks)
said they were dissatisfied with the taste of the Spring Balm toothpaste. Also, 47 people complained of skin
irritation after using our deodorant spray.
Secondly, as regards the price, (3) ______________________________________________________. (4 marks)
Thirdly, with regard to promotion and place, (4) ___________________________________________. (4 marks)
On the other hand, (5) _______________________________________________________________ (4 marks)
they cannot find our product anywhere.
II. WRITING: Marketing report – Recommendations
You work in Marketing Department of Spring Balm. In the last three months, the launch of your company’s new
products has not been successful. You are asked to conduct a market survey to find out what the reasons are.
After collecting data, you have to write a marketing report to submit to the management so that they can make
right decisions for a new marketing campaign. One of the most important parts of your report is
Recommendations, which are based on the following factors:
the deodorant spray / temporarily withdraw
our laboratory / develop a new flavor for the toothpaste
look carefully/ our competitors’ policy
advertise more on TV / possibly the Internet
ensure / the Spring Balm collection / be available
And here are the Recommendations you need to complete. (20 marks)
On the basis of the above findings, I would like to make the following recommendations.
Regarding product, (1) _____________________________________________________________ (4 marks)
and submitted to laboratory tests without delay. In addition, (2) ______________________________ (4 marks)
With regard to price, (3) ___________________________________________________________ (4 marks)
and make sure that our price is right because our products are targeted at consumers with medium income.
As for promotion, (4) ________________________________________________________________(4 marks)
in order to draw more attention from massive potential consumers.
Finally, as regards place, (5) _________________________________________________________(4 marks)
not only from a wider range of supermarkets, but also from more convenient retail outlets and other stores near
residential areas.
III. Listening:
PART ONE: Listen to the following talks twice and choose the appropriate answer to each question.
Questions 1-3:
1. Who is Michael Rennie?
(A) Mayor of a city
(B) President of a company
(C) A factory manager
(D) A news reporter
2. What is Exeter Electronics going to do?
(A) Open a factory
(B) Move their offices
(C) Start a new product line
(D) Elect a new president
3. What is expected from the new factory?
(A) It will open in April 2006.
(B) It will provide 2,000 jobs.
(C) Construction will begin in August.
(D) It will pump a lot of money into the local economy.
Questions 4-5:
4. What is this announcement about?
(A) Parking
(B) Working overtime
(C) A meeting
(D) Vacation
5. Where will the employees meet?
(A) In the Central Administration building
(B) In the cafeteria
(C) In the meeting hall
(D) In the coffee shop
An expert at Hays company recommends important things to prepare for a job interview.
Listen and take notes (ONE WORD for each blank).
You will listen twice.
 The (6) _________________ to be successful in a job interview is _________________
 A Hays consultant instructs jobseekers how to pass that interview and how to (7)__________ their __________
 First, Hays recommends jobseekers to take care of (8) ______________
 More importantly, job-hunters should do (9) __________ on the ___________ before going to the job interview.
 And it is vital to look at the responsibilities within a vacancy and match them to your (10) _______________
------The end------