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What Should a Project Manager Know

Pick a sector, such as drug development, medical devices, biologics, or another one. For
your chosen sector, describe some of the things you would need to know to properly
plan a project to commercialize a new project in that area. You can limit your discussion
to the factory/production facility for the product, or the entire product, including a
marketing and business focus, if you wish.
For this project, create a basic high-level network diagram of the first tasks that take
I have chosen the medical devices sector. Many of the steps to accomplish this include,
initiating the phase and creating the vision for the product. Then comes the planning phase
where you are creating a target market. This step also includes putting together a team that will
create the product design and how to get the ball rolling. Studying the market and comparing
similar devices and competition to set a target price and see if the product is worth the wild.
Regulatory compliance is next as the product must meet the standards required to be safe.
Making sure the product is safe for human use is paramount so you can avoid legal battles and
harming someone. Next comes the implementation phase where all your planning comes into
full effect and you begin to see the fruits of your labor. After you do a test run and the usability
checks out this is when your marketing comes into effect. Finally comes the launch phase where
the product has met all the requirements and is ready to be placed into the market. A project
manager should know how to accomplish all of these steps and have a contingency plan in case
the product is halted or malfunctions.