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Slides for Listening Juice Lv1 SB SC 3

Unit 3
I Usually Get Up at Seven
1. go to school
2. have breakfast
3. get dressed
4. take a shower
5. get up
6. do homework
A: What time do you get
B : I get up at 7 o’clock.
Listen Up
1. Boy : What do
you usually do on
Girl : I usually go to the
movies. What about you?
Boy : I go swimming at
the lake.
2. Boy : I was
almost late this
Girl: What time did you
get up?
Boy : At 7:30! I usually
get up at 7:00!
3. Boy : I usually get up
at 8:00.
Girl : 8:00? Isn’t that
late? Our school starts
at 8:10.
Boy : No. I have time to do
everything. I can even take a
Girl : What time do you take a
Boy : Around 8:05.
Girl : What? Stop
kidding around, Paul!
That’s impossible!
All Ears
I usually get up
at 7 o’clock.
What about you?
Listen In - A
Mom : Billy! What time
is it?
Billy : Uh, I don’t know.
Mom: Well, it’s almost
9 o’clock. What time did
I tell you to come home?
Billy : Uh, 8:30?
Mom : No! I said
7 o’clock! What time do
we always eat dinner?
Billy : Um, 8 o’clock?
Mom : Billy! We eat
dinner at 7:30 every
night. What time do you
go to bed?
Billy : Uh, 11 o’clock!
Mom: Nice try. You go to bed
at 9! Now get inside and get
ready for bed!
Billy : Can I have some ice
cream first?
Mom : Billy!
Listen In - B
Everybody listen! It’s ten to nine
right now, and we’re going to leave
in ten minutes.
We’ll arrive at the Water Park
at around 11:30 a.m. Then we'll have
lunch from 12:00 to 1:30.
From 1:30 until 3:00, there will be
a treasure hunt.
After that, we'll have snack time
from 3:00 to 4:00. All of you can have
ice cream.
We'll play some English games from
4:00 to 5:00. Winners will get English
Then we will go back to school at 5:20.
Listen Harder
about my afternoon. I come home
from school around three. I eat a
snack first because I usually feel
hungry when I get home. And I
watch TV for a little while. My
favorite show starts at three thirty
and finishes at four. After watching
the show, I go to Taekwondo.
When I come home at six, I help my
mom cook dinner. My mom is the best
cook in the world. After dinner, I walk
my dog in the park. I leave home at
seven and come home around eight.
And then, I still have to do my
homework! Don’t you think I have such
a busy afternoon? I’m only nine years
old but I have no time for fun!
My name is Kitty.
Let me tell you
about my day. I
wake up at 7:00.
I have breakfast
at 7:30.
I brush my teeth
at 8:00.
I get dressed at
I go to school at
I have lunch at
I do my
homework at
I have dinner at
I go to bed at
Test Prep
1. What time do
you get up?
① Time flies by.
② It’s 7 o’clock.
③ I got here at
④ I always get
up at 6:30.
2. What do you
usually do in the
① I’m an earlymorning person.
② I usually go to
bed late at night.
③ I wash my
face and have
④ I was a little
late for school
this morning.
3. Mom : Terry,
did you take out
the trash?
Terry : Not yet. I
just finished
cleaning my
Mom : I asked
you to take it out
an hour ago.
Terry : I know,
Mom. I’ll do that
don’t you have
dinner first? The
food will get
cold. Terry :
Okay. What’s for
Mom : I made
spaghetti with
chicken salad.
Terry : Wow, they
are my favorites!
4. Boy : The
classes are
Girl : Yeah, let’s
go home.
Boy : What do
you usually do
after school?
Girl : I have a
piano lesson at 5
Boy : Do you have
dinner right
after the lesson?
Girl : No. I have the lesson
for an hour and do
homework until I have
Boy : When do you have
Girl : My family
has dinner at 7.
Then I watch TV
and go to bed at
Attention, students. As you know, we’ll have a school field trip
to the Philadelphia Museum of Art tomorrow. There will be no
classes, so you don’t have to wear your school uniforms. We
will gather in front of the museum at 9:30 in the morning. All
the students must come on time. Please bring your pens and
notebooks to take notes on the artwork. Oh, and one more
thing, don’t forget to bring the permission letter from your