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Cebu Mitsumi Continues
to Evolve
Philippines: Initiatives by Cebu Mitsumi
With the business integration of Minebea and
Mitsumi Electric in January 2017, the business of
the MinebeaMitsumi Group expanded even further.
Cebu Mitsumi in the Philippines, one of the
Group’s main production sites, has also been
disseminating and practicing the “Five Principles,”
the company credo. This feature presents some of
the CSR initiatives the company has undertaken to
achieve harmony with local communities.
Cebu Mitsumi, Inc., located on Cebu Island in the
Philippines, produces actuators, connectors, battery
modules, and other products, supporting the growth
of the MinebeaMitsumi Group in the electronics and
optoelectronic fields. Cebu Mitsumi is the Group’s
largest site in the Philippines and has approximately
20,000 employees. In 2019, the Company marked
exactly 30 years since it was established on Cebu
Island in the Philippines in 1989.
Reinforcing Organizations through CSR
Even prior to business integration, Cebu Mitsumi continuously
undertook initiatives to develop with the local community
and its employees, which are members of that community.
Handy cards with the Five Principles were distributed to all
employees to enhance the sense of unity within the Group
from the business integration, and employees carry these
cards with them at all times.
“I believe that the main meaning of CSR is business
continuity and gaining the loyalty of employees,” said
Yoshihiro Sakanushi, president of Cebu Mitsumi. He
explained the significance of CSR as follows: “Among
the topics that we prioritize in particular are nurturing
human resources and developing work environments.
The Philippines have a shortage of engineers nationally,
and therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively nurture
engineers. Employees and operators who have gained skills
are crucial assets of the company, and we need to properly
develop work environments so they will continue working
for us. We also undertake social contribution activities
under the leadership of employees. These activities not
only contribute to the development of local communities,
MinebeaMitsumi Group CSR Report 2019
but are also effective in the
sense of instilling pride for
the company in employees.
This is reflected in the Five
Principles, and being a
company that employees
feel proud to work for leads
to organizational success.
In this sense, employees
are our most important
Yoshihiro Sakanushi
Cebu Mitsumi
A Company Where Employees Can Work
with Passion and Feel Pride
Caesar D. Augusto, a Group executive officer and director
responsible for human resources said, “In order to meet the
expectations of customers, it is necessary for Cebu Mitsumi
to function as a core site for manufacturing, automation, and
systems. Since resources are limited, developing human
resources is the most important thing for achieving this.”
Areas within human resource development that the company
is focusing on are developing leadership and enhancing
technical skills. Cebu Mitsumi is an organization with nearly
20,000 employees, and consequently, human resources who
are hired locally are required to exercise strong leadership.
Consequently, leadership development training known as the
Leadership Enhancement and Advancement Program has
been conducted since 2012, and more than 100 employees
have completed the program. Program participants
spend several months working toward goals that they set
themselves. The program has produced substantial results,
and many members of the current leadership are locally-hired
Free healthcare services
Products in Society
and the company has established an environment where all
employees can work safely and with a sense of reassurance.
Thanks to these
types of measures,
employee satisfaction
is high and turnover
rates are extremely
Commitment from
the CEO
Comment from an Employee
Technical Support
IS Department
Cebu Mitsumi
Special Feature 2
Angelyn Salcedo
I participated in the Graduate
Industrial Technical Program
with the aim of achieving
a higher position. I was
extremely pleased to be
given the opportunity by
the company to work while
studying. I plan to continue
my education in the future.
Special Feature 1
Developing with Local Communities
Social Report
Environmental Report
MinebeaMitsumi Group CSR Report 2019
Management Report
Many Cebu Mitsumi employees were hired from the
local community. The Company undertakes a variety of
initiatives based on the belief that developing with the local
community is important.
One such initiative, conducted pursuant to a request from
the Philippine government, is a mangrove reforestation
project that is intended to preserve ecosystems and serve
as a countermeasure against storm damage and so on.
There were problems in the region including conversion
of mangrove forests to agriculture use and logging
for charcoal and firewood. This program was started
in cooperation with local residents in FY2011, and to
date, approximately 50,000 trees have been planted. In
addition, coconut and cacao seedlings purchased by Cebu
Mitsumi were distributed to employees, their families, and
cooperating factories as a disaster prevention measure
through reforestation in mountainous areas.
There are many children in the region who are
unable to obtain an adequate education, and since
increasing educational opportunities is important for local
development, the company makes donations to many
schools. One example is donations to support scholarships
for The Sisters of Mary School—Girlstown, an educational
institution that provides basic education such as reading
and writing as well as vocational training. The students
and school principal Sister Laresa expressed gratitude for
Cebu Mitsumi’s programs.
Hot Topics
Cebu Mitsumi is focusing
its efforts on developing
technical specialists and
rankspecific training programs
for engineers and other
personnel. By organizing and
conveying the knowledge
and skills necessary for
Caesar D. Augusto
HR Director
each job type and each rank,
Cebu Mitsumi
the specialization of each
employee is enhanced. Efforts are also made to develop
operators, and the Best Operator Program was established
as a part of those efforts. The program is selective, and by
firmly establishing organizational development, formation
of the corporate culture, basic mathematics, the five S
methodology (sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain) and
other topics, employees come to consider their activities at the
plant from a broader perspective. From FY2003 to FY2018,
approximately 1,500 operators participated in the program,
raising awareness throughout the plant. The Company also
invites college instructors to teach in the Graduate Industrial
Technical Program, which allows employees to work while
obtaining qualifications in a junior college graduation program.
Cebu Mitsumi has established various other internal skills
certification programs and commendation programs and works
to maintain high skill levels.
To be a company that employees feel pride in, it is important
that we also turn our attention to solving the problems of the
communities where the employees live, in order to improve
the working environment and address community issues.
One such initiative is allowing free use of the medical facilities
located on the plant site. There are a few hospitals in Danao
City, where the plant is located, leading to an environment
where it is difficult for residents to obtain health care services.
This program was initiated to protect the day-to-day health
of employees and create an environment where they can
continue working for the company. This is a program not
commonly seen among other companies in the area and
has led to higher employee satisfaction. The Cooperative
Association operated with joint funding by employees also
actively implements measures and has various facilities
including a bank, pharmacy, and laundry in front of the plant,
to the satisfaction of employees.
Taking into consideration the health and sense of
reassurance of employees is also an important undertaking.
In accordance with the company’s health and safety policies,
various training is conducted to ensure the safety of employees
who work at the plant. The company also implements rigorous
measures to ensure that there are no instances of human
rights problems such as child labor, which is a social problem.
Cebu Mitsumi has received certification from the Philippine
authorities that it is in full compliance with labor standards,
Cebu Mitsumi Continues to Evolve
Philippines: Initiatives by Cebu Mitsumi
Mangroves planted with support from Cebu Mitsumi
A classroom donated to Santican National High School
The Run for Education charity marathon is another event
that contributes to the local community. The marathon has
been held since 2013 to promote the health of employees
and collect contributions for local development. Each year,
approximately 1,200 runners participate. To date, more
than 2 million yen in donations has been collected, and
the funds have been used to provide support in the form
of facilities and educational materials provided to schools
in the local area.
One educational program that receives particular
emphasis is the Robotics Laboratory Program. Engineers
are trained in cooperation with the nearby University
of San Jose Recoletos. One of the reasons that the
Philippines has few engineers is the lack of proper
machinery equipment at universities. In response, Cebu
Mitsumi provided equipment for the university campus and
established the Mitsumi Robotics Lab in cooperation with
the university. Company employees use these facilities
and the plant to provide practical training to students. The
result is the training of extremely high-level engineers
such as students who worked together to create a robot
that uses AI as their graduation project. To date, 452
students have participated in this program, and some of
them have come to work for Cebu Mitsumi. The company
also trains university instructors on the use of state-of-theart facilities, contributing to raising the educational level
throughout the university as a whole.
Jeremiah Badana, OIC (Officer-in-Charge) and Dean of
the College of Engineering at the University of San Jose
Recoletos, expressed his gratitude for the company’s
activities: “We are extremely grateful for the equipment and
other support that we have received from Cebu Mitsumi.
The students are able to have direct contact with the latest
equipment and technologies, and this provides considerable
motivation. I look forward to maintaining the good relationship
between the University and Cebu Mitsumi.”
The company conducts various other activities in the
local community such as seashore cleanup programs,
blood drives, and emergency support in disaster areas.
Augusto commented on the response to these activities,
“We will continue to contribute to the region as a whole
with the aim of being the company that employees feel
proud of and that is welcomed by the local community.”
MinebeaMitsumi Group CSR Report 2019
Employees running in the Run for Education charity
Comment from a Member of the Local Community
Algen Laurente
Santican National High School
Cebu Mitsumi donated a
classroom to the school, and
we are extremely grateful.
I hope that in the future
we can engage in even
further interaction such as
by the company dispatching
employees to teach science
Comment from a Participant in the Robotics Laboratory Program
Phillip Michael Castillon
Equipment Engineer
Cebu Mitsumi
The Robotics Laboratory
Program is a positive
initiative that supports the
motivation of students to
learn. The university lacked
equipment and facilities, and
as a result, learning in the
robotics laboratory involved
things. After I completed the
program, I started working for
Cebu Mitsumi, and I am now
able to use what I learned in
the program in my work.
Protecting the Local Natural Environment
Environmental initiatives are essential for achieving
sustainable development in local society. Cebu
Mitsumi is located on the seashore, and consequently,
environmental considerations are particularly important.
For this reason, Cebu Mitsumi undertakes environmental
initiatives in accordance with the MinebeaMitsumi Group
Environmental Policy.
To preserve the nearby Camotes Sea, particular effort is
made with regard to wastewater treatment. In the Philippines,
laws and regulations provide that measures are to be
undertaken to preserve water quality, and we make efforts
to ensure that the company is in compliance. Industrial
waste water is purified in a wastewater treatment facility
until it meets the wastewater standards. The company also
Commitment from
the CEO
Diagram of Cebu Mitsumi’s Environmental,
Health, and Safety Structures
Managing Directors
Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Division
Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager
Health and Safety
Health and Safety
Health and Safety
Health and Safety
Hot Topics
Practicing the Five Principles
Social Report
For Cebu Mitsumi, which was recently added to the Group,
the concepts of “being a company where employees are
proud to work” and “working in harmony with the local
community,” as expressed in the Five Principles, the
company credo of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, represent
a familiar way of thinking. Going forward, Cebu Mitsumi
will strive to be a needed presence in society by sharing
and practicing these ideas throughout the Group.
Management Report
conducts sampling tests of ocean water quality to ensure
that there is no impact on nearby waters. Cebu Mitsumi is
currently building a new sewage treatment facility to comply
with the new legal system that will take effect in 2021 and is
also developing facilities to use rainwater in order to reduce
the amount of groundwater used.
In the Philippines, which are highly susceptible to the
impacts of climate change, increasing energy efficiency is
an important means of reducing CO2 emissions. In FY2018,
educational measures were conducted to raise employee
awareness and updates to facilities were implemented
including the application of thermal insulation on plant
roofs, installation of LED lights, and the use of inverters for
Special Feature 2
Health and Safety
air-conditioning. As a result, energy consumption and CO2
emissions each improved by nearly 5%. These measures
also lead to cost reductions, which makes them important
for management as well.
With regard to reducing waste, in addition to practicing
the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), Cebu Mitsumi took
measures in accordance with the “3Rs + 1R” concept,
which adds “recovery” (minimizing the impact in cases
where waste is released). The plant produces a variety
of waste including corrugated board, wood, and bottles,
but nearly all of it is reused (recycled), and the current
recycling rate is approaching 99%. Furthermore, waste
that cannot be reused is being used in other ways such as
use as an alternative fuel or as raw material for cement.
Cebu Mitsumi also requests that its suppliers undertake
similar measures, and action is being taken throughout the
entire supply chain. As a result, the company has achieved
a certain level of recognition including certification as an
environmentally-friendly partner by customers.
Special Feature 1
Top Management
University of San Jose Recoletos professors and Cebu
Mitsumi employees
Products in Society
Instructors and Cebu Mitsumi employees at the
donated Science and Technology Education Center
Students undergoing vocational training at the Sisters
of Mary’s School - Girlstown
Environmental Report
Church adjoined to the cooperative association
Cebu Mitsumi’s water treatment facility
An internal ISO 14001 audit
MinebeaMitsumi Group CSR Report 2019