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Sample FGD Questions

Sample FGD Questions
1. How does PPST impact your professional practice as a teacher in the new normal?
2. Which domain in the PPST KRA had a great impact on your profession as a teacher?
3. As a researcher, what KRA does teachers need professional development the most?
Core Behavioral Competency
1. In the new normal, how do you set high quality, challenging and realistic goals for self and for
2. What goal have you set for yourself that you have successful achieved?
3. Describe ethical and professional behavior practices and conduct taking into account the impact
of your actions and decisions.
Core Skills Competency
1. What challenges have occurred while you were coordinating work with your colleague?
2. What made your communication effective?
3. How do you utilize technology in your class in the new normal specifically in the preparation of
your lessons?
Work Ethics
1. How do you practice ethical awareness (personal and professional) and academic integrity?
2. Describe how you capacitate interaction and collaboration with others effectively in the new
3. Do you give importance to the learning and professional development of your colleague? Why?
Organizational Commitment
1. How does your organization make you feel your like part of the team?
2. What does the organization do to encourage or discourage a personal commitment to the
3. Which strategies would you implement to strengthen the commitment of your colleagues?
1. How do you collaborate with your colleagues in the conduct and application of research to
enrich knowledge of content and pedagogy?
2. What are your expectations for behavior in your classroom in the new normal? How do you
share these expectations and ensure that they are adopted?
3. How does trainings and workshops develop your professional development?