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Defence advancements in recent past

The world's geopolitical scenario is changing at an unpredictable rate. The globe is witnessing
the emergence of new world powers with an intent to shape global order and conditions. The
former developing nations are now the ones leading this war. In this multi-polar world,
countries in a cut-throat competition are competing for their own prosperity with their best of
efforts be it strategically, economically or technologically. In this limited world of resources, he
who could be strong can only survive. Here, there is no place for the weak. The country which
could withstand in every drastical situations, may it be the economical, political, natural or any
other downfall only can make itself an international superpower. The country should also be
prepared in defense tactics for any terrorist threats, invasions from enemy nations and etc.
Here comes our topic interest defence department of a country and should a country develop
its defence research technologies?
The much needed boost to this military preparedness can be through robust technological
development of defence equipments. This is the main reason why countries are spending a
huge amount of their budget on defence research setting up institutes , carrying out projects
and many other things. Some of the present day defence technologies and research programs
are briefed bellow.
Missile Technologies: It’s a rocket-propelled weapon designed to deliver an explosive
warhead with great accuracy at high speed. New missiles are developed and being under
development having mind boggling ranges of more than 10,000 kms. , Missiles which could
remain undetected by the radars. Amphibian missiles which could travel both in the air and
water. Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam a great scientist, leader of India, famously known as the “missile
man” of India has a great role in the defence research development of our country. His
creations worth to be mentioned here are akash, nag, agni and many more.
Combat Vehicles: These are vehicles which are loaded with machine guns, missile launchers
and containing highly advanced war technologies which will take over the enemies in no time.
Modern tanks like the HMMWV, Growler developed by U.S. defense research technology
department are a good examples. Muntra is the first unmanned armored vehicle developed
by DRDO .
Fighter planes and jets are another important wing of the defence research aspect. The
modern planes like the F-35, refale, X-15 etc. travelling with the lightening speed which
could destroy the enemy base within a fraction of seconds without get noticed also.
Sukhoi, Tejas are some fighter jets developed by our DRDO with the coalition of Russia and
other ally countries.
Combat vehicles include everything starting from the underwater submarines to the
mammoth aircraft carriers.
ELECTRONICS &; INSTRUMENTATION: For use in wide bank search and monitoring a
number of microwave technology and antennae are been designed and developed.
Satellites for surveillance are released to the orbit. They keep an eye on the country
territorial boundaries for any kind of intriguing. Drones, small unnoticeable aircrafts etc are
developing day by day in order to help in secret missions of the army.
COMPUTERS & SIMULATION: In order to store the huge amount of data collected and in
order to process it a large amount of hardware and software research is carried out. Also
there is a major concern to keep that data safe and prevent it from falling in the wrong
hands. For the control of the satellites and the missiles there is developing new scopes of
research and artificial intelligence technology to shorten the processes and increasing the
ARMS AND AMMUNATIONS: The new Light Weight Rifle and Light Machine are developed
have successfully undergone extensive user trials and cleared by the Army for bulk
production. The trials for the carbine were expected to be carried out. The family of new
small arms is lighter, has lesser recoil and gives higher fire power to the soldier. Anti-tank
influence mines, commonly known as belly-attack mines, have been developed and are
under user trials. These mines are capable of providing full width attack capability as
compared to existing pressure actuated mines which get actuated only when the wheel,
track of the tank exerts adequate pressure over the mine.
MATERIALS: Aluminum-Lithium alloy sheets are being developed. Electro slag refining
technologies has also been developed for conversion of the high quality copper scraps into
value added products of high purity Copper.
The technology for processing Magnesium based alloy slab foiled plates for use in missiles
has been established.
TECHNOLOGIES YET TO BE DEVELOPED: Technologies like the camouflage, armor stealth are
yet to be developed such that the concepts we only able to see in the video games and sci-fi
movies would come into live.
As a citizen of India it would be a privilege and a matter of proud for me to boast about its glory
on the defence research field. DRDO, the defence research and development organization
established in 1958, is a Mission Mode Organization under the administrative control of the
Ministry of Defence, Government of India. DRDO have been involved in developing cutting edge
technologies that not only equip our armed forces with latest weapons and arms but also with
the confidence and pride needed to defend the nation . Project Indigo was the first major
project undertaken by the DRDO in the 1960s. Since then, the 54 laboratories of the DRDO have
developed various advanced systems, products and technologies that have been inducted into
the armed forces or are in the process of induction value over 1.9 lakh crores. From Prithvi to
Agni to Nirbhay and many others, the DRDO has various significant achievements like the
• being one of the 4 countries with multi-level strategic deterrence capability
• being one of the 4 countries to have Airborne Early Warning & Control System
• being one of the 5 countries to have its own Fourth plus generation fighter Aircraft.
• being one of the 5 countries to have its own Ballistic Missile Defence Program
• being one of the 6 countries to have its own Main Battle Tank
• being one of the 7 countries to have its own 4th Gen Combat Aircraft
However, in my humble opinion, the most amazing feat of the DRDO lies in its ability to expand
the application of its research to the Civil Sector. For example, its environment friendly Biodigesters can dispose human excreta in extreme cold regions of high altitudes. The technology
has been selected to equip over two lakh Gram Panchayats with bio-toilets. Then we have the
Sanjeevini Project - a life-detector technology designed to locate victims trapped under debris
or a bore-well. This is based on the SONAR technologies which were developed for detection of
ships and underwater threat.
At last I would like to say, that there will be no need of spending so much amount of money in
for the defence development, if all humans in this earth could understand the sole reason of
their existence here in the earth and peacefully they will traverse this whole course of space
and time together in harmony. There are great examples like the country of Vatican City; Costa
Rica etc. don’t have their defence forces. They use that part of their budget in better education,
health and developing the nation in many other prospects.
“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”
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