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E l e c t r i c
e n e r g y
Power is usually defined as energy divided by time
P = E / t , so that energy is power times the time,
E=energy (joules) , P = power (watts), t = time (seconds)
C a l c u l a t i o n s
1a) An electric shower has 1500 W. If it is used during 200 seconds, how much energy has been used?
b) How much energy is used if you use a 2 kW electric shower during half an hour? Please give the
answer in Joules (J).
c) Considering that a kWh is charged at $ 0.10, how much does it cost to run a 1000 W kettle for 30
2. An electric iron uses 4050 joules of energy for 15 seconds. What’s the power rating on the iron?
5. A computer that is 87% efficient consumes 375 000 J of energy. How much useful energy does it
6. A television that is 83% efficient provides 4 600 J of useful energy. How much energy does it