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Thinking For yourself

Ikrame Kiyadi
Thinking for yourself
I strongly agree with the author “the less you know about, the more you will trust the
experts. However, I think that the term of “trusting” refers to a positive feeling and our
unconsciousness brain will give us the right to practice this behavior. Moreover, there is
nothing wrong if we trust others or experts. However, it’s a huge mistake to stop using
our brain and rely on what experts are saying. Additionally, experts are giving us
information or some statistics because it’s their jobs which means that there is a
probability that they are not interested on what there are doing. However,
physiologically, brain works more efficient, powerful and skilled when we are more
interested. So, searching information that you are interested on will make your
researches more efficient.
I agree with the speaker’s thoughts that we should do research by ourselves. After
all, this our work to find answers for our questions. Actually, I do believe that no one is
more interested to answer our questions more than us. So, it’s time to rely on ourselves
rather than depending on experts.
For my point of view, I think that it’s enough to treat public in a stupid way. People should
wake up and must search the information by themselves. Each one of us has the right to
have their own believes and search for it. Personally, I find that it’s a huge mistake to throw
out some beliefs, values or even basic information to a large audience because this is not a
critical way to treat people who has strong mechanisms and abilities to come up with their
own researches. What I can notice, is that media underestimate the power of human brain.
Actually, their way and strategies may work in an efficient way for animals that has limited
capabilities compared to human beings.
There is no doubt that experts have some innovative tools that could allow them
to be able to give specific information to a large audience. Actually, I do believe that
experts have strong mechanisms to acquire the power of analyzing and giving us
reliable statistics. Despite, experts are humans, Thus, they can be mistaken. That’s why, I
believe that we should take the information that experts give us under consideration.
However, we shouldn’t rely on it.
I think that experts are smart enough to play with some people’s minds.
Sometimes, Experts give us the information that they want us to know not the right and
real information. Maybe because government or other external forces oblige them to
practice this behavior.
Media is always served as an important tool for government and people. It’s
good for government because it helps them to send direct or indirect messages for a
large audience of people. Additionally, it can be an easy and less costly for the public for
obtaining an information in an easy way. Actually, independent media is affected by
many forces. That’s why, it’s hard to trust and rely on it.