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Night Artistic Quiz

Name: ___________________________________
An Artistic Night Quiz
Your Job:
 Create a 3D work of art representing a key concept in Night.
 Find a quote that relates to the key theme and make sure it is somewhere on your
artwork. This quote should help power the thinking behind your work of art.
 Write a 7-10 sentence paragraph explaining your work of art, what theme it represents,
how this theme is developed throughout the work, and how your quote ties in.
Evaluation of Artwork:
Max Points
Points Earned
Time and effort invested by student (at least 2 hours?)
Fill out time log below.
In addition to the time being invested, it is evident that effort was put forth into the project.
This includes neatness, attention to detail, etc…
Originality of ideas and overall artwork
Is your final product visually appealing?
Does your product exude creativity and originality?
Can an onlooker see Night in your piece?
Evidence of critical thinking
Does the project: rely on reason, consider a variety of viewpoints,
recognize the relevance of the novel and theme, and defend use of chosen quote?
All aspects of the assignment are complete.
Project includes:
3D art piece
Quote related to the key theme of art piece
7-10 sentence paragraph
Time log is filled out
Project is free of errors and is grammatically correct.
Time Log:
Spent Doing What?