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Cultural context

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Cultural Context
Jayminia D. Walden
Jackson State University
In the story “The story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin was written during a time
where it was known for women to be submissive and subordinate to men who had status or to
men who was the head of household. The author wrote this story during a time period where
women had no rights and were dominated and was told what they can and cannot do. During
this time Women did not have a voiced and had to whatever their husband says. During this time
the husband was the breadwinners and the wives sat home and took care of the children and kept
the house running smoothly.
In the story “The story of an Hour”, after Mrs. Mallard hears about husband death. She
silently repeated to herself “FREE” Which portrays how she really felt. Mrs. Mallard felt
relieved after her husband death because she felt as though she can finally be free to do what she
so well pleased without haven’t to answer to anyone but herself.
In this day and time and which this story was written, women did not have many rights,
they did not have the rights to vote, make decisions of their own, or even have the right to work.
Women during this time was treated more like property instead of being treated as their husband
equal. Mrs. mallard silently whispering “Free, Free, Free!”. At that very moment, she didn’t care
about anything else at the time but being independent and free.
The story “A Worn Path” was taken place in the South of Mississippi during the time
slavery was still in legal in the United States. A time where Jim Crow laws was still practice. A
time where racism at its highest. Phoenix appeared to have been old enough to have been born
into slavery.
Phoenix had to deal with racism throughout the story. She was face with Racism when
the young man placed a gun in her face for no reason at all. She did not show any ounce of fear
when the gun was in her face which showed how fearless she was. She was shown racism when
she visits the doctor office to pick up the medicine she needed for her young grandson. The
nurses treated her as though Phoenix was a charity case, but even through it all Phoenix held
onto her dignity and pride. Authors sometimes use many things to help shape up what they have
written and to also help them express their opinions. Both stories let readers know about the
different situation that both women had to face during that period that they live in.