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Hereby I wish to apply for the UN Volunteer assignment in Togo where I would like to serve as database administration

Hereby I wish to apply for the UN Volunteer assignment in Togo where I would
like to serve as database administration, following the advertisement for the
position on UNV website.
I believe this is a really interesting opportunity for fresh graduates to take part in
the UN Volunteer programme in order to complete professional formation and to
familiarize with the reality in other countries, especially if someone is interested in
international development cooperation. Of course, it gives also an outstanding
opportunity for local organizations which will benefit from the technically
specialized volunteer. Thus, I have chosen to apply for this assignment having in
mind stipulated requirements and my personal skills.
Regarding my IT skills thanks to my university education I have acquainted with
many of the technologies and languages used nowadays, but also, I have
acquired the capability of learning new technologies fast and incorporating them
to my daily work. Thereby, I am fully capable to work in PHP, MySQL and
XHTML and most of the technologies used in Web Programming and on-line
database systems.
Acting as a member of several student organizations I am familiar with youth
associationism and youth activism. During my studies I have participated in
several local, national and international initiatives about young leadership,
cultural diversity, non-discrimination, etc. both as organization’s representative
and/or facilitator.
I believe that above listed arguments prove my capability to accomplish this
assignment in an efficient fashion. Opportunity to become UN Volunteer on the
field would be highly beneficial for my personal career and future, since I would
like to peruse my career in international development.
Please find attached my Resume for your consideration along with P11 form and
I expect your call for an interview on your earliest possible convenience.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
[Name Surname in PRINT Letters]