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The Iliad, A Writing Response Essay

ENG 205: Intro to Mythology
Andrew Crook
The Iliad: A Reading Response Essay
Now that we have taken the time to read the initial parts of the Iliad, it is your job to write
an essay displaying your understanding and comprehension of the text.
This Essay can really take any shape you like, but ultimately you are writing a sort of
rhetorical analysis of The Iliad.
You are free to choose your own topic for this response, but I will provide a few here that
you are also welcome and encouraged to choose from:
Example Response Topics:
1. How has the Iliad been represented in modern culture, and what does that
representation say about the culture we live in?
2. In what ways is the Iliad inaccessible, and how does this sense of inaccessibility form
students’ opinion of the text?
3. How much of the Iliad can be proven to be based on true human history? How much of
the story is understood to be fiction?
4. How have different translations of The Iliad changed the language, and have these
changes reshaped important characters, metaphors, and scenes?
5. Find, list, and analyze important cultural metaphors that can be traced to The Iliad.
6. At one point, Homer describes the sea as “wine-dark.” Why is this such a relevant and
important detail to research?
Again, you are welcome to come up with your own topic or question to explore or choose one of
the options provided. For example, a compare and contrast between this epic and the epics we
discussed in class would be amazing!
Technical Requirements:
This essay should be between 1,500 and 2,000 well copyedited words, in MLA format with a work
cited page and correctly formatted in text citations.
You are required to reference at least on piece of outside research to support your ideas, preferably
one from a database that is peer reviewed.
You know where to find me if you have questions.
ἴθι εὐτυχής! (Good Luck in Ancient Greek)