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CS 101 Ch 2 Modern Learning

With the advancement of technology, the way that we learn has changed dramatically in the last several
decades. The article Modern Learning describes some of the new ways in which we are now able to
learn. One of the new ways of learning that the article details is called crowd-learning, which involves a
group of people getting together to solve problems and share knowledge. An example of crowd-learning
is a new type of course called the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). MOOCs are free public classes
that anyone can attend, led by an instructor like a traditional classroom.
In the workplace, skills needed to be a desirable and successful employee are constantly updating to fit a
more technology driven world. The article, 20 Skills in Demand in Today’s Workforce, lists the most indemand skills that employers are searching for in potential job candidates today. Employers are looking
for candidates familiar with a wide variety of computer skills, such as video production, or the ability to
“record, edit and produce a video” (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). Additionally, employers are looking
for savvy job candidates able to reach people on a variety of platforms, including via social media.
Digital journalism is a highly sought skill that involves not only conventional journalism skills but the
ability to keep the community updated via social media and the ability to produce and edit media
related to the story one is working on. Another skill that employers are searching for are people who can
act as translators, meaning they are fluent communicators (writers and speakers) in not only the
language they are translating from, but the language they are translating to.
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