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Literature Mcqs

1). Which of the following begins with these words?
“Good morning to the day; and next, my gold!
Open the shrine that I may see my saint"
A). The Poetaster
B). Cynthias Revels
C). Volpone
D). None of these
2). Who could have written The Book of Job?
A). John Milton
B). Henry Waughn
C). William Shakespeare
D). None of these
3). The theatres were reopened in 1660. When were
they closed last?
A). 1616
B). 1642
C). 1650
D). 1652
4). The “Circulating Libraries” were popular during
A). The Eighteenth Century
B). The seventeenth Century
C). The Nineteenth Century
D). Both A and C
5). The Closed Heroic Couplet used by pope is
unique because...
A). The two lines act as a stanza
B). It makes use of an end stopped first line
C). Every Line contains, a caesura
D). All the above
6). Which of the following Chaucers tale is in
A). The Pardoners tale
B). The Cooks tale
C). The Prioress's tale
D). The Parsons tale
7). Don Juan written by Lord Byron is
specimen of
A). A Heroic Play
B). Epic Satire
C). Epic Narrative
D). Romantic Poem
8). The first Folio edition of Shakespeare's plays
was printed in ?
A). 1616
B). 1660
C). 1623
D). None of these
9). Look Back in Anger was year preformed in year
A). 1955
B). 1956
C). 1957
D). 1958
10). Who is the movement poet
A). Philip Larkin
B). Ted Hughes
C). T.S. Eliot
D). W.H. Auden
11). __________ is not a character in Jane
Austen's 'Emma'
A). Catherine Morland
B). George Knightley
C). Harriet Smith
D). Frank Churchill
12). Who said A thought to Donne was an
experience. It modified his Sensibility
A). F.R. Leavis
B). T.S. Eliot
C). Samuel Johnson
D). I.A. Richards
13). The Great Tradition was written by _________
A). G. Wilson Knight
B). T.S. Eliot
C). F.R. Leavis
D). Allen Tate
14). Rape of the lock by Pope contains _________
A). Two
B). Three
C). Four
D). Five
15). Romeo & Juliet is based on the story by which
Italian Author?
A). Bandello
B). Virgil
C). John Stow
D). H.B. Stowe
16). A Reed Shaken by the wind is written by
A). W.H. Auden
B). Tim May
C). T.S.Eliot
D). Gavin Maxwell
17). “Literature always anticipates life. It does not copy
it but moulds it to its purpose" was said by
A). Oscar Wilde
B). Ezra Pound
C). Coleridge
D). Aristotle
18). Who said, “I awoke one morning and found
myself" famous
A). Chaucer
B). Matthew Arnold
C). Shakespeare.
D). Byron
19). Who wrote under pseudonym of 'y.y'
A). Bertrand Russell
B). Jerome K. Jerome
C). Robert Lynd.
D). Francis Bacon
20). Who said 'Get Stewed, Books are a load crop'
A). Philip larkin
B). B. Behan
C). Hitler
D). Nixon
21). Who is the Author of 'Toba Tek Singh'
A). Saadat Hasan Manto
B). Kishan Chander
C). Prem Chand
D). K.A. Abbas
22). Who was the first recipient of Sahitya
Akademi award for English
A). Raja Rao
B). R.K. Narayan
C). Bhabani Bhattacharya
D). Mulk Raj Anand
23). Which among the following gods and goddesses
takes sides in the Trojan was in 'Iliad'?
A). Athena
B). Aphiodite
C). Zeus
D). Hera
24). Who wrote 'The rising of the moon'
A). Lady Gregory
B). W.B. Yeats
C). John Osborne
D). Harold Pinter
25). Who is not regarded as the Georgian Poet?
A). Hopkins
B). W.H. Davies
C). Walter de la Mare
D). John Masefield
26). 'Cry the beloved country' is written by
A). Alan Paton
B). Nadine Gordimes
C). Alodus Huxley
D). J.D. Salinger
27). New Testament has __________ books
A). 27
B). 29
C). 31
D). 33
28). Sean 0' Casey wrote which work?
A). The Shadow of the Glen
B). The Rising of the Moon
C). The Tinker's Wedding
D). Juno and the Paycock
29). The manuscripts of Shakespeare's play are
A). Certainly yes
B). Certainly no
C). Partly available
D). None of these
30). Shakespeare's sonnets are in the following
A). Three quartrains and a couplet.
B). An octave and sestet
C). Both 'a' and 'b'
D). None of these
31). Who is the heroine in Shakespeare 'Tempest'
A). Viola
B). Portia
C). Miranda
D). Beatrice
32). “France standing on the topo f nature seeming born
again." These lines are from...
A). The Prelude
B). Daffodils
C). Tintern Abbey
D). None of these
33). Which of the following of G.B. Shaw was
prescribed because of its protrayal sexual exploitation?
A). Widower's Houses
B). Mrs. Warren's Profession
C). The Philanderer
D). Buyant Billions
34). Shelley's Queen Mab is about..
A). Religious persecution
B). Domestic bondage
C). Both 'a' and 'b'
D). None of these
35). Who wrote Abasalom Abasalom?
A). Dryden
B). Dr. Johnson
C). Willaim Faulkner
D). Fitzgerald
36). The Quintessence of Ibsenism was written
A). G.B. Shaw
B). Oscar Wilde
C). R.L. Stevenson
D). None of these
37). What does Arnold's 'Scholar Gypsy' deal with?
A). About scholarship
B). About the Gypsies
C). About the decay of youth and hope
D). None of these
38). The 'prefaces' of Shaw to his own plays are
very popular
A). Yes
B). No
C). Perhaps
D). None of these
39). The novel, No name (1862) was written by...
A). Anthony Trollope
B). Charles Kingsley
C). Wilkie Collins
D). None of these
40). Shakaspeare's Sonnets were printed by...
A). Thomas Thorpe
B). Ben Jonson
C). Francis Beaumont
D). John Fletcher