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Lesson 10 Exercise 2

1) Complete this exercise with the correct form of the words in parentheses.
I had a ___ (strange/strangely) dream last night. I was in a garden. It was getting ___
(dark/darkly) and it was ___ (terrible/terribly) cold. My head was aching ___ (bad/badly). I
was walking out of the garden when ___ (sudden/suddenly) I saw a girl sitting on a seat. She
seemed very ___ (unhappy/unhappily). She looked up and smiled ___ (sad/sadly). I felt ___
(anxious/anxiously) for some reason. I wanted to be ___ (friend/friendly) so I tried ___
(hard/hardly) to think of something to say. But I couldn't. I just stood there ___
I had a strange dream last night. I was in a garden. It was getting dark and it was terribly cold.
My head was aching badly. I was walking out of the garden when suddenly I saw a girl sitting
on a seat. She seemed very unhappy. She looked up and smiled sadly at me. I felt anxious for
some reason. I wanted to be friendly so I tried hard to think of something to say. But I couldn't.
I just stood there foolishly.
2) Complete the sentences with the correct comparatives/superlative expressions from the
1. I heard a little polite laughter when I told my jokes but everyone laughed loudly when Gaby
was telling hers. Her jokes are always
than mine.
2. The negative effects of watching too much television are
first glance.
than they appear to be at
3. The Japanese islands have a climate modified and moderated by the sea; winters are
than in those areas that are in the same latitude on the Asian continent.
4. Only by multilateral action, can we give people in the least developed countries the chance to
escape the ugly misery of poverty, ignorance and disease.
5. That movie we saw last night was much more interesting than the one on television.
6. The oldest known dam, an engineering wonder of the ancient world, lies near Marib, once the
home of the Queen of Sheba.
7. I broke my nose in a football game yesterday. Today it's very painful. For some reason, the
pain is much worse today than it was yesterday.
8. Many more people people die in car accidents than in plane accidents. Statistics show that
driving your own car is more dangerous than flying in an airplane.
9. Marcel Duchamp is considered as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century by
the modern art world.
10. From my point of view, of the two applicants, the latter one is the more suitable for the post.
11. It is far more expensive to live in London than any other city in Britain. Rents are much
higher and it is difficult to find accommodation of any kind.
12. Titanic was said to be the safest ocean liner in the world. When it set sail, all the cabins were
full, from the most expensive to the cheapest ones on the lower deck.
1. much funnier
2. a lot more complicated
3. less cold
4. the least developed
5. much more interesting
6. The oldest
7. much worse
8. Many more people
9. the most influential
10. the more suitable
11. far more expensive
12. the safest
3) Fill in the adjectives in the correct order !
The main character in this
(NEW / EXCITING) story is a
She rides a
(BIG / BLUE / FANTASTIC) motorbike and wears a
(RED / SMART / LEATHER) jacket. She must find some
(AMERICAN / UNFRIENDLY / OLD) scientists. They have invented a
(NEW /
TINY) gadget that can control what people say and do. Can she find them and destroy their
(DANGEROUS / LITTLE) device before the reach the president ?
The main character in this EXCITING NEW (NEW / EXCITING) story is
a FANTASTIC BIG BLUE (BIG / BLUE / FANTASTIC) motorbike and wears
a SMART RED LEATHER (RED / SMART / LEATHER) jacket. She must find
scientists. They have invented a TINY NEW (NEW / TINY) gadget that can
control what people say and do. Can she find them and destroy
their DANGEROUS LITTLE (DANGEROUS / LITTLE) device before the reach the
president ?
4) Fill in each space in the following sentences with an appropriate compound adjective
formed for a word in the list.
free - distance - up - built - made - going - up - off - conditioned class - badly - sighted - headed
1. I made a long-
call to England and it cost me a fortune.
2. I bought this CD duty-
as I was coming back to England.
3. They seem to be very wellexpensive cars.
4. I’m fed
- at least they have a great big house and two
with this exercise. Can’t we do something else?
because it’s cheaper.
5. On the train I travelled second-
and wasn’t produced in a factory.
6. You can see this vase is hand7. He’s a relaxed guy – so easy8. I live in a built9. The office is air-
area of the city which is very noisy and full of traffic.
so it’s very cool even in the summer.
10. He’s so proud – I’ve rarely met anyone so bighimself.
. He has a really high opinion of
11. I want to get my eyes tested. I’ve become really short12. A
maintained car won’t have a reliable engine.
13. There isn’t much grass in the
-up areas of the city.
5) Choose the correct option for each of the following sentences.
He worked more efficiently than I did. (efficiently, more efficiently, most efficiently)
Her promotion was the __________ moment of her life. (proud, prouder, proudest)
Hawaii is _________ from Hong Kong than Japan. (far, farther, farthest)
This ring is too _________ for me. (small, smaller, smallest)
It is _________ to ask for help than solve the problem by yourself. (easy, easier, easiest)
Grace’s work is __________, but Joan’s is __________. (good, better, best)
August is __________ than any other month. (hot, hotter, hottest)
Do you support his __________ proposal? (late, later, latest)
Prevention is __________ than cure. (good, better, best)
He may be the __________ man in Hong Kong. (rich, richer, richest)
This pair of glasses is as __________ as that pair. (fashionable, more fashionable, most
6) Fill in each blank with the correct form – adjective/ adverb, comparative or superlative.
e.g. The manager is the most powerful man here. (powerful)
1. Iron is _______________ than other metals. (useful)
2. My English teacher is as _______________ as Andy Lau. (handsome)
3. His Chinese is getting _____________ and _______________. (bad)
4. The _______________ he gets, the ____________ ___ he becomes. (old, wise)
5. Ann does not swim so _______________ as her coach claims. (quickly)
6. Which is _______________, grammar or vocabulary? (important)
7. Staying at home is _______________ than going on holiday abroad. (comfortable)
8. The _______________ money you spend, the _______________ you can save. (little, much)
9. The new job is the _______________ one that I have had. (challenging)
10. This mini-bus driver is much _______________ than any other driver. (kind)
7)There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline the mistakes and correct them.
‘X’: extra word; ‘^’: missing word; ____: wrong word
Tommy is the most(X) cleverest boy in the class. ( X )
Tommy is (^ the) cleverest boy in the class. ( ^ )
Tommy is the clever (cleverest) boy in the class. ( __ )
This is cheaper of the two pens. ( ^ )
He is speaking more slowly and more slowly. ( X )
Ms Lee is very shorter than her daughter. ( __ )
The weather of Hong Kong is different from that of Canada’s. ( __ )
Mary is much more nervous Jane. ( ^ )
Her face turned more as white as a sheet when she heard what he said. ( X )
Police in Sydney are investigating the death of a younger German tourist. ( __ )
The more you smoke, more dangerous it is to your health. ( ^ )
To be frank, this was the most easiest test in this term. ( X )
She is the best singer of the two, but she is not the best in Hong Kong. ( __ )
8) Rewrite the following sentences using the words given, without changing the meaning.
No one else in the team plays better than he does. (best)
He plays the best in the team.
No other dancer is as graceful as she is in the play. (most graceful)
Susan dresses more smartly than Emily. (less smartly)
Tom is noisier than his brothers. (as noisy as)
If you try harder, you will do better. (the harder)
Wealth is not as good as health. (better)
Mr. Chan is younger than he looks. (old)
It got darker and the situation became worse. (the darker)
Sandy does not study so diligently as she did in the past. (less diligently)
His father is the most capable man in the office. (as capable as)
Losing weight is not so easy as putting on weight. (difficult)
9) Choose the correct forms to complete the following the… the… comparatives.
1______, the more you realise life isn’t about how you look.
a. Older you get
b. The oldest you get
c. As older you get
d. The older you get
2. The more he talks, ______ how stupid he is.
a. more you realise
b. the more you realise
c. the most you realise
d. you realise more
3. Research shows ______ about getting a good job, the better you do in school
a. the least you care
b. the less you care
c. as less you care
d. the most you care
4______, the easier it is to beat the competition.
a. As more connections you have
b. The most connections you have
c. The more connections do you have
d. The more connections you have
5. Studies suggest ______ at work, the more productive you become.
a. the happier you are
b. the happier are you
c. the happiest you are
d. happier you are
6. If anything goes wrong, contact me as soon as you can; ______.
a. as sooner the better
b. the sooner is the better
c. the sooner the better
d. the soonest the better
7______, the less I care about what people may think.
a. The older I get
b. As older I get
c. The older do I get
d. As older as I get
8______, the better he gets.
a. The most practicing
b. The more he practices
c. As he practices more
d. More he practices
9. In Halloween, people look for the creepiest costumes. ______.
a. The creepiest the better
b. More creepy better
c. As creepier the better
d. The creepier the better
10. The more authority he has, ______ he becomes.
a. less reasonable
b. the less reasonable
c. the least reasonable
d. not reasonable
10) Rewrite the sentences using the… the… comparatives.
EXAMPLE: If we start soon, we’ll finish soon. ⇒ The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll finish.
Top of Form
1. The food I like best is spicy food.
the food,
I like it.
2. I like the lessons more if there are few students.
I like the lessons.
3. If I read a lot, I learn a lot.
I read,
4. If I speak good English, I’ll have more opportunities.
I speak,
opportunities I'll have.
5. If I walk for a long time, I can get further.
I walk,
I can get.
6. Older people become wiser.
people are,
7. If you save more money, you can buy a new car soon.
you save,
you can buy a car.
8. If you give a lot you will receive more.
you will receive.
9. If I work a lot, I have no time.
I work,
I have.
10. If there’s a lot of unemployment, the situation gets worse.
there is,