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Meril baby is the individual brand of family brand

Name: Golam Robbi OLI
Assignment Topic:Meril Baby Toothpaste
Meril baby is the individual brand of family brand Meril, which is under the
mother company Square.Meril Baby product is such a big rewound brand for
Bangladeshi people.
The tagline of Meril baby is Trust for the best
protection. Meril baby tries to give their main focus on caring, nurturing and
fulfilling the delicate needs of babies .All the product of under Meril Baby is
developed by giving top priorities to baby’s needs. Meril Baby offers six different
products under its own brand name which includes Lotion, Shampoo, powder,
olive oil, toothbrush and toothpaste. All goods are for babies care.
By adding different products to it’s portfolio Meril Baby has been able to increase its
brand equity. Before launching any new product to their line Meril baby always keeps
in mind that their main purpose is to take care of baby. Meril Baby did not just launch
different product to its product line, all of their products are related to baby care and
their protection. As the marketing strategist of assigned brand: Meril Baby
Toothpaste I Propose ONE Innovation Strategy for my assigned brand and explain
why it will be useful for my target customer segment.
Meril Baby Toothpaste: Toothpaste which are designed for adult contain many strong
chemical which can completely destroy a child’s teeth. Keeping that in mind, meril
baby introduced Meril Baby Toothpaste which has special formula that ensures
protecting baby’s milk teeth from germ. If they include strong chemical then it
becomeS harmful for babies health.
Silica, Glycerine, Sorbitol, PEG-600, SCMC, SLS, Strawberry Flavor, CI 16035,
Direction of Use
Just wet the toothbrush. As soon as teeth erupt, one can start using toothpaste in the
amount of a grain of rice. We can increase this to a pea-sized amount of
fluoride toothpaste when child is age 3. Brush gently all around child's baby teethfront and back.
I proposed one innovative that one is “Creative Packaging with a Strong Message
and Digital Banner Ads”
At first I mentioned that meril
baby is the individual brand of family brand Meril,
and they always try to fulfil their target customer segment . For the reason as a
marketing strategist, I introduce more attractive and creative packing with a strong
Message and buy one get one offer for getting more customer attention . If I change
previous meril baby toothpaste packaging and attach more potential messages about
baby health care tips and attach more attractive cartoon then it will look more
different than past packaging and if I give time limited buy one get one offer , then I
can easily engage my targeted customer for purchasing my brand product. As the
marketing strategist ,if I arrange campaign like digital bannar ads and hot air
balloon based on major location which are suitable for the area,it will help a lot in
branding the product.
1. Schools: If I select some school and arrange creative campaign then I w[ll easily
be able to spread news about my brands.
2. Shopping mall: First of all I should select some shopping mall like Bashundara
city, Jamuna Future Park and Mirpur shopping mall. Shopping malls are more value
able places for my targeted customer. When customers visit for purchasing their
goods ,setting up digital bannar ads in the suitable places will help spreading my
brands value able messages.
3. Busy roads: When people are stuck in traffic jam , my brands digital ads can
easily send useful brand awareness message.
Then I will be able to get more response from my customer.
Meril baby toothpaste has always been a company that has focused on working on its
core products and operations and at the same time lookout for new areas to play. Be
it rural or urban areas, The company aims to continue this journey by serving its
customers with the same passion and creating more awareness about the brand by
using many different and new marketing strategies.