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All I could do was watch. Watch my sisters so full of life.
One was particularly beautiful. She was elegant and full of class. She was calm and collected in every
situation. She was ambitious and exuded a positive aura that everyone admired. Everyone thought she
was ‘cool’, and they were right. Her name is Winter, and how I envy her confidence.
One bloomed like a sweet flower. Everyone admired her lighthearted demeanor. She was a breath of fresh
air, and she radiated the innocence that everyone desired. Everyone around her felt happy – she brings
joy in the room. Her name is Spring, and how I adore her smile.
One shined so bright that it hurt my eyes. She was frequently referred to her as a divine gift. She was
warm and friendly, and she made everyone her feel at ease. No one got tired from hearing her beautiful
laugh. In fact, everyone loved hearing her laugh. Her name is Summer, and how I treasure her kindness.
And then there’s me. The one who has no control. Often described as a melancholy song – sad and slow.
The one who is slowly fading and losing life. I keep asking God why He decided to make me this way.
And as I sit in this hospital bed watching my sisters full of life pass by, I prepare to say my last farewell.
My name is Autumn, and I’m dying.