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Introducing key aspects of Educational Psychology

Introducing key aspects of Educational
Educational Psychology is the field that studies and applies theories and concepts from
psychology in an educational setting.
The goal of Educational Psychology is to make any teacher-student relationship as
positive as it can be so that students can learn to the best of their potential.
It focuses on the bigger picture of how students learn, why students behave in certain
ways or why certain teacher actions result in specific student reactions.
The key aspects of Educational Psychology include:
a. The learner – what goes on in the learner’s brain
b. The learning process – how content is presented and how students assimilate
c. The teacher – teacher’s role in facilitating learning for students
d. The learning environment – the classroom physical setting, the culture of the
classroom, learner interactions
e. The learning resources – how suitable resources are to students’ learning style and
the subject/topic at hand
Educational Psychology provides us with a framework to look at the learner,
learning process, teaching-learning methods and learning situation to help us with
all of these decisions we have to make.