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NURS 4528 Course Outline

Course Website: https://eclass.yorku.ca/eclass/course/view.php?id=57996
Note: Sections M, N, and O will utilize the same eClass site
Term: Winter 2022
Prerequisite / Co-requisite(s)
Prerequisites: Successfully earned (completed) all prior BScN program courses.
Co-requisites: HH/NURS 4527 9.00. Course credit exclusion: HH/NURS 4111 3.00,
HH/NURS 4901 3.00. Only open to: Collaborative and 2nd Entry BScN students.
Course Description
Synthesizes previous knowledge to help students articulate a framework for
professional and clinical practice and apply to an intensive practice experience in a
variety of traditional and non-traditional nursing settings. This course is equivalent to 36
classroom contact hours
Notes: Students must successfully complete both HH/NURS 4527 9.00 and HH/NURS
4528 3.0 concurrently in order to be recognized with a passing grade or credit in either
course. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from practicum
Section M
Professor Sandra Peniston
Section N
Professor Eva Peisachovich
Section O
Professor Laura Nicholson
Organization of the Course/Teaching-Learning Approaches
This co-requisite course supports the clinical practicum by providing a number of activities.
This final term’s courses consist of NURS 4527 9.0 and NURS 4528 3.0. The aim of this
student experience is to integrate practice knowledge and theory. Therefore, these courses
are presented and enacted concurrently. This course supports integration of learning from all
nursing courses and engage in deliberative praxis guided by a nursing theory of their choosing.
Students are required to apply a nursing theory (of their choice) in their work.
This course is remotely delivered and involves asynchronous learning. The asynchronous
learning includes independent access to and completion of EAQ products, the HESI Study
Plan and Study Plan Journal and other resources that support course. Students are expected
to be In-Person, on campus, for the HESI Entrance, HESI Exit exams, and the Computer
Adaptive Test*. *If out-of-bounds discuss your specific situation with the respective CD.
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 1
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Differentiate the nurse’s role from other healthcare professional roles through nursing
theoretical knowledge. (Program Goal #1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8)
2. Describe, implement, and evaluate increasingly complex, holistic healing and caring
actions for a diverse client population from a variety of cultures, based on evidence.
Clients include individuals, families, groups and/or communities.(Program Goal # 1, 2,
3, 8 and 9).
3. Promote health and healing for clients in complex situations where predictability of
outcomes tends to be uncertain, using knowledge of nursing theory. (Program Goal,
#1, 2, 3, 5, 8,and 9)
4. Integrate ways of knowing to deepen understanding of the lived experience of clients.
(Program Goal # 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9)
5. Apply a selected nursing theory to practice. (Program Goal # 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8)
6. Function effectively in the nurses’ unique role as a member of multidisciplinary
team. (Program Goal # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9)
Links to CNO Entry-to-Practice Competencies (2020)
 All competencies are reflected in this course.
Links to NCLEX-RN Categories and Sub-Categories:
 Safe and Effective Care Environment
 Physiological Integrity
o Management of Care
o Reduction of Risk Potential
o Safety and Infection Control
o Physiological Adaptation
o Basic Care and Comfort
 Health Promotion and Maintenance
o Pharmacology and Parenteral
 Psychological Integrity
Important information can be found on the CNO website
Course Website
The eClass course management system will be used as an extension of this course
outline, and for course content, extra learning materials and communication.
Students are required to check the course EClass site on a very regular basis.
Students should use their York U email for course communication.
There are four steps to properly accessing the course site:
Go to HH/NURS4527 and HH/NURS4528 M, N and O - Health and Healing: Integrated Nursing
Science Theory and Practicum (Winter 2021-2022)
Ensure you are using a supported web browser
 Ensure your web browser is configured as required
 Log into EClass using Passport York ID and password on the right-hand side course
HH/NURS 4527/NURS 4528
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 2
Course Evaluation/Evidence of Learning
To prepare for the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Registered Nurse (RN) registration
requirements (Jurisprudence Exam and the NCLEX-RN), students will be required to
complete two scheduled HESI exams and a CAT (computer adaptive test) during the
designated scheduled dates and times.
Jurisprudence Examination: It is expected that students will access necessary legislation
and current evidence-based reviews and practice guidelines to enhance practice; this will be
particularly important in preparing for the online examination. Please note students will take
this exam once they graduate from their respective program.
Required Course Material
Recommended Texts, Course Material and Resources
Students will utilize any or all their texts and course kit materials provided or purchased
during their undergraduate nursing studies to facilitate and integrate their knowledge.
Technical Requirements
This course requires students to have access to stable, higher-speed Internet
connection, a computer with webcam and microphone, and/or a smart device with these
Useful links describing computing information/resources:
Student Guide to Eclass
Computing for Students Website
Student Guide to eLearning at York
Student Community and Leadership
Development - Learning Skills Services
Zoom@YorkU User Reference Guide
Zoom@YorkU Best Practices
Course Resources from Elsevier
Students are required to have an active Elsevier EVOLVE account to access their Remediation
plan and Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing. Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ) please enroll into the
EAQ course ID: 162020_yorkuniversity_1003 for the NURS 4528 course outline.
Current Course Name: Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing for the NCLEX_RN Exam
Classic Version, 2nd Edition, IP 4528 Winter
INSTRUCTOR Shandana Khan
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 3
Students who experience technical difficulties with any Elsevier product, must contact
the Elsevier Help Desk at 1-800-222-9570
HESI Saunders Online Review
Students will receive an individual access code via email by the 3rd week of the
semester. Students can use this resource to assist in preparing for testing.
Recommended Websites Include:
Canadian Nurses Association. (2021). Home Page.
College of Nurses of Ontario. (2021). Standards and Guidelines.
College of Nurses of Ontario. (2021). Become a Nurse.
Canadian Nurses Association. (2021). Code of ethics for registered nurses.
College of Nurses of Ontario. (2019). Competencies for entry-level registered nurse
College of Nurses of Ontario. (2021). Examinations.
College of Nurses of Ontario. (2012). Requisite skills and abilities for nursing practice in
Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. (2021). Membership.
Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. (2021). Nursing best practice guidelines
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 4
Important Dates
Orientation & Drug Dosage Calculation Quiz
January 10
*On Campus Clinical Dates
Attend one 4-hour session. Sign up on eClass
***HESI Entrance Exam
You will be scheduled. Schedule available on
eClass. If you require accommodation, email
shank@yorku.ca for date and time.
Winter Reading Week
January 11 OR 12 OR 13 OR 21
Either 0830-1230 OR 1330-1730
January 25 OR 27
Alternative dates for university closure
Feb 1 or Feb 3
***HESI Exit Exam
You will be scheduled. Schedule available on
eClass. If you require accommodation, email
shank@yorku.ca for date and time.
***CAT Exam
You will be scheduled. Schedule available on
eClass. If you require accommodation, email
shank@yorku.ca for date and time.
Last Day to drop IP
March 1 OR 3
Alternative dates for university closure
March 8 or 10
Feb 21-25
April 20 OR 21
Alternative dates for university closure
April 26 or 27
March 18
Evaluation and Assessment of Learning
Academic Accommodation letters and Religious Accommodations must be communicated to
the respective Course Director for alternate exam arrangements by January 10 at 2359. If you
are applying for accommodation but do not yet have a letter, notify CD of date and
time of appointment with Student Accessibility Services by January 10, deadline.
Due Date
Assignment Name
HESI-RN Entrance Exam
January 25 OR 27
February 13 at 2359
Study Plan
% of total grade
Reading Week Feb. 21-25
March 1 OR 3
HESI-RN Exit Exam
April 10 at 2359
Study Plan Journal and Summary
April 20 OR 21
Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
NOTE: Graded components must total a minimum of 65% (C+) for successful
completion of HH/NURS 4528.
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 5
As per Faculty of Health and School of Nursing program policies, a student’s final
course grade is not necessarily confined to a compilation of marks earned on
individual course components. Final course grades may be adjusted to conform
to Program or Faculty grades distribution profiles.
For all clinical courses: Student must successfully pass both in-class and clinical
components to achieve a passing grade/credit for this course.
Reminders: An exam or term test worth more than 20% of the final grade may not
be given during the final two weeks of classes.
The Senate Grading Scheme and Feedback Policy stipulates that (a) the grading
scheme (i.e. kinds and weights of assignments, essays, exams, etc.) be announced,
and be available in writing, within the first two weeks of class, and that, (b) under
normal circumstances, graded feedback worth at least 15% of the final grade for
Fall, Winter or Summer Term, and 30% for ‘full year’ courses offered in the
Fall/Winter Term be received by students in all courses prior to the final withdrawal
date from a course without receiving a grade (see the policy for exceptions to this
aspect of the policy – Grading Scheme and Feedback Policy
Assignment Details
(See eClass for Assignment Descriptions and relevant Grading Criteria)
In-Person Exam Dates and Times
Students are scheduled for Exam Dates and Times. Refer to eClass for Schedule.
HESI-RN Entrance Exam – 15%
THE HESI-RN Entrance Exam is the first attempt in writing a computerized NCLEX-RN
style exam with question formats and an exam blueprint matching the latest NCLEX-RN
test plan. The HESI-RN Exams will assist students in identifying their strengths and
weaknesses and provide individualized remediation to address knowledge deficits prior
to taking the HESI Exit Exam, CAT and the NCLEX-RN Exam.
HESI-RN Exam Remediation-A. Study Plan 25%. B. Study Plan Journal and Summary 20%
One of the most important elements of the HESI-RN Entrance Exam is the remediation
that is available to students after taking this exam. A personalized remediation plan is
automatically generated upon completion of the HESI-RN Entrance Exam and will be
available in each student’s Evolve account.
A. Study Plan: Students should review their remediation report to identify topics
from NCLEX-RN categories requiring additional studying. Students then create a
Study Plan identifying topics for review; resources used for review, and dates
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 6
and times of Study Plan.
Refer to eClass for Study Plan Template, assignment directions, grading criteria, and
suggested resources.
Submit via Turnitin.
B. Study Plan Journal and Summary: Students are to maintain a journal of each
Study Event related to remediation. The journal is to include an overview of activities
completed and a reflection of the progress made towards developing or reinforcing
knowledge deficits. Summary is an overall reflection of studying experiences.
Refer to eClass for Study Plan Journal and Summary example.
Submit via Turnitin.
Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) – 20% See EClass for Grading Criteria
The purpose of this exam is to prepare graduates for writing the NCLEX-RN Exam with
question formats and an exam blueprint matching the latest NCLEX-RN test plan.
Questions will be presented using a computer adaptive format, similar to the NCLEX- RN
Check eClass Announcements regularly which will come through the email identified
on eClass. Make sure you are receiving them and that your York University email is
Check Email account regularly.
NOTE: Prior to commencing the course, all students are responsible for reading and
reviewing when required, the Undergraduate Supplemental Calendar 20201-2022.
In this course, we strive to maintain academic integrity to the highest extent possible.
Please become familiar with the meaning of academic integrity by completing SPARK’s
Academic Integrity module at the beginning of the course. Breaches of academic integrity
range from cheating (i.e., the improper crediting of another’s work, the representation of
another’s ideas as your own, etc.) to aiding and abetting (helping someone else to cheat).
All breaches in this course will be reported to the appropriate university authorities, and
can be punishable according to the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty.”
To promote academic integrity in this course, students will be normally required to
submit their written assignments to Turnitin (via the course EClass) for a review of
textual similarity and the detection of possible plagiarism. In so doing, students will
allow their material to be included as source documents in the Turnitin.com
reference database, where they will be used only for the purpose of detecting
plagiarism. The terms that apply to the University’s use of the Turnitin service are
described on the Turnitin.com website.”
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 7
All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the following information, available
on the Senate Committee on Academic Standards, Curriculum & Pedagogy webpage at:
Please ensure familiarity with the following York-Senate documents:
 Student Professional Behaviour Policy
 Professional Appearance and Dress Code Policy
 Senate Committee on Academic Standards, Curriculum & Pedagogy Webpage.
 Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (Guidelines, Documents,
 Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (Policy)
 Religious Observance Accommodation
Professional Behaviour
Student behaviour is particularly important for nursing students about to enter a professional,
self-regulated discipline. Breaches in conduct occurring online, in the classroom, or
practicum settings are grounds for possible involuntary withdrawal and/or failure in the
course, or nursing program.
Grading, Assignment Submission, Lateness Penalties and Missed Tests
Grading: The grading scheme for the course conforms to the 9-point grading system
used in undergraduate programs at York (e.g., A+ = 9, A = 8, B+ - 7, B = 6, C+ = 5,
etc.). Assignments and tests will bear either a letter grade designation or a
corresponding number grade (e.g. A+ = 90 to 100, A = 80 to 90, B+ = 75 to 79, etc.)
(For a full description of York grading system see the York University Undergraduate
If an alternative number grade/percentage system is used for assignments or tests,
it must be fully described in the course outline.
Assignment Submission: Proper academic performance depends on students
doing their work not only well, but on time. Accordingly, assignments for this course
must be received on the due date specified for the assignment. Assignments are to
be handed in through the Turnitin Submission Forum.
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 8
Lateness Penalty: Assignments received later than the due date, without
negotiated extensions, will be penalized. Any assignment that is not submitted by
the date and time specified, OR any assignment for which an extension is granted
that is not handed in by the negotiated date and time, to the location specified, is
subject to the following penalty(s):
For 1 day late (any time up to 24 hours after date/time due), the penalty is 5% deducted
from the grade for the assignment (e.g. mark of 75% would be reduced to 70%)
For each subsequent day late (each 24-hour period), the reduction increases daily:
 for 2 days late, deduct 15% (e.g. mark of 75% would be reduced to 60%)
 for 3 days late, deduct 30%
 for 4 days late, deduct 50%
 for 5 or more days late, deduct 100% (assignment is given zero [0])
Exceptions to the lateness penalty for valid reasons such as illness, compassionate
grounds, etc., may be entertained by the Course Director but will require supporting
documentation (e.g., a doctor’s letter/attending physician’s statement). Generally, 24hour notice for extension requests is required. Assignments submitted later than five
calendar days without negotiation will not be accepted.
Missed Tests: Students who miss a course test must notify the respective Course
Director to book a make-up date. Further extensions or accommodation will require
students to submit a formal petition to the School of Nursing.
NURS 4528-IP Winter 2022 pg. 9