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Delegation notes

Delegation notes
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Assign to RN - unstable patients, sx of worsening condition, d/c teaching, nursing process
Assign to LVN - stable with no complications patients, tubes dont matter if irrelevant
Assign to UAP - ADL, transferring, v/s, i/o record
Intervene when out of scope of practice
can differentiate between normal and abnormal
has knowledge of asepsis and dressing changes
cannot care for unstable pt
can only give routine med that have little potential risk
(no blood)
can be delegated standard, unchanging procedures for stable pt
data- v/s, weight, height, i/o, BLOOD SUGAR
collect specimen - urine, blood
transport / restock
task cant be complex, nor require assessment, planning, teaching, or judgment
Part 2 – 6 wrong answers with at least 12 minutes of remedial time total.
Part 3: Prioritization video
Decision tree:
-Identify topic
-assessment vs implementation
-physical vs psychosocial (Maslow)
-evaluate outcome
Consider lab value based on the pt’s explanation
Ex. In alcohol intoxication, consider BAC (blood alcohol level), Mag, K, Glucose, Thiamine serum levels
What is expected effects for condition, what is the pathophysiology, what is the cause