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What is A character sketch?
A character sketch is a character analysis is a description that introduces the reader
to a particular character. It includes physical descriptions, personality traits, habits,
strengths, weaknesses, history amongst other things of the particular character. In
short, it is a piece of text that can give a brief overview of a particular person or
character to a reader. When you write a character sketch, you want the reader to have a
strong mental image of the person including how the person talks, acts and thinks.
Consider the following about your character:
● gender, age and name
● appearance
● physical and personal strengths and weaknesses
● likes and dislikes
● feelings and behaviours towards other characters
● feelings of other characters towards the character
First paragraph
❖ Name
❖ Age
❖ Birth date
❖ Where he lives
❖ Physical traits
Second Paragraph
❖ How other characters feel about the person
Third paragraph
❖ Personality traits with proof
Fourth Paragraph
❖ Habits
❖ Likes and dislikes
Fifth Paragraph
❖ Strengths and weaknesses
Sixth Paragraph
❖ Your opinion About Character
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