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The Professional
Being a
professional teacher is
much more than just
having a certificate. It's
a lifestyle! It's an art
form! It's a way for YOU
to touch the future
through your
A professional teacher has many roles and
responsibilities. Professional demeanor is key to
maintaining respect and dignity among administrators,
colleagues, and parents. Strong communication skills in
speaking and writing are essential (Mart).
Organization, planning and time management must be
present and well developed (Mart). The ability and
desire to collaborate with others are important to
success within departments and schools. Willingness
and availability to contribute to the school community
beyond the classroom makes a teacher a real member
of the school family (CDE). Understanding of diversity
and inclusivity must be demonstrated in all arenas.
Finally, expertise in the field of study cannot be
emphasized enough.
and Goals
Be professional at
all times. You
represent your
school and teachers
Remember, nothing
on the internet is a
Use your classroom
to model
acceptance, respect
and understanding
of all kinds of
students. Never
allow incivility to go
unaddressed (NEA).
Take better care of
yourself. Missing class or
being fatigued in class
doesn't help anyone.
Exercise, watch your
diet, sleep, and relax.
Work more with
colleagues. No
teacher is an island.
There are always
new ideas and
strategies to try
Be a lifelong learner.
Attend conferences.
Take advantage of
opportunities to
learn and grow.
Read, read, read!