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Axie Guideline

Axie Infinity Daily Energy Usage Guidelines
(As of Ver, as of Season 19
There are 3 Ways to get SLP in Axie Infinity:
1. Completing Daily Quest: Which gains 25 SLP
2. Playing Adventure: Gain a maximum of 50 per day, higher levels give higher SLP reward.
There is also a bonus reward for completing level 21 and 36
3. Playing Arena* : Gain SLP when winning with energy (amount of SLP depends on mmr)
* I will call Arena as PVP to avoid confusion
The picture below shows how many energy you gained daily and what energy is used for:
Some notes:
- As of the newest patch, energy is refilled every 24 hours
- Energy is not required to complete the daily quest
- If you have energy, it is not possible to play without consuming energy
- Playing adventure with 0 energy still gets you SLP (No exp)
- Playing PVP with 0 energy gets you no SLP, but MMR still changes
Recommended Route First 5-7 Days (~3 Hours work time):
1. Start with spending all energy (20/20) playing adventure mode.
2. Try to progress to the next level. If you find a level too difficult, go back to the previous
level and grind until you level up. Then try the difficult level again
3. After spending all energy in adventure, go to PVP and win 5 matches
4. Claim the Daily quest.
5. Go back to PVP and repeat step 2 until you get 50/50 SLP
Recommended Route next 2-3 Weeks (~2.5 Hours work time):
1. Start with playing adventure, however now you can start allocating some energy for
adventure’s exp and some for Pvp’s SLP.
(For example you can allocate 5 energy for PVP in the first week, slowly progressing to 20
energy the coming weeks)
2. Aim to reach and beat ruins 20 (as ruins 20 is the fastest ruins to complete)
3. I recommend to fully understand the game and how your team works first before using
energy for PVP
Recommended Route after defeating ruins 20 (~1.5-2 Hours work time):
1. Start with spending all energy (20/20) on PVP mode
2. Play adventure mode until you get 50/50 SLP. Preferably find a level to farm SLP
3. Claim the Daily quest
*Note: As of season 18, MMR will be reset to 1200 during season start. It is recommended
to play adventure if your axis are still underleveled as slp reward on 1200 mmr is low.
PVP (Arena Reward):
SLP per Win
Adventure EXP and SLP reward: