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SAFe Exam Questions

1. What is a recommended time horizon of the Program Increment Roadmap?
2. Which role typically has the most direct access to customers?
3. Which two aspects of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline require the most involvement
from Product Managers?
4. Which statement characterizes the perspectives of the definition of done (DoD)?
5. What is the importance of the definition of done?
It creates a clear understanding of when items are complete
6. Which function is responsible for ensuring that the Agile Release Train has the Program
Vision and Backlog needed to successfully engage in Program Increment Planning?
7. In the first step of SAFe’s Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Product Owners and Managers
do what activity?
8. What is a recommended time horizon of the Program Increment Roadmap?
9. What is enabled by the key components of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline?
10. What are two strategies a Product Owner can use during Program Increment Planning to
minimize dependencies?
11. What is the primary purpose of PO sync?
12. The goal is a fast delivery process, ideally requiring little manual effort. What is one
capability used to achieve this?
13. Enabler Epics are used to advance what in order to support upcoming Business Epics?
14. What is the importance of the definition of done?
15. What is the relationship between a Product Owner (PO) and Product Management (PM)?
16. How do Product Owners contribute to the Vision?
17. When tracking team progress, what can a Kanban board show the team?
18. When should a Product Owner (PO) establish team objectives?
19. The role of the Product Owner is most closely aligned with which Agile Manifesto
20. What is a recommended time horizon of the Solution Roadmap?
21. What is one way Kanbans are used in SAFe?
22. What two types of dependencies are commonly visualized on the program board?
23. Which agile team event supports relentless improvement?
24. What is the primary job of Product Management when considering the Architectural
25. Which two job roles are good candidates for becoming a Product Owner? SAFe
26. How might a Product Owner support a Continuous Delivery Pipeline that fully automates
deployments with no manual compliance steps? How might a Product Owner (PO) adjust
team events to take advantage of this capability and promote the flow of value?
27. Product Management has content authority for the Program Backlog including: the
Vision, the Roadmap, driving the PI Objectives, and what else?
28. How do Business Owners quantify the value of PI Objectives?
29. What is the purpose of Iteration Goals?
30. What does assigning business value to a team's PI Objectives influence?
31. What is a benefit of capacity allocation?
34. What are two primary responsibilities of Business Owners in Program Increment (PI)
Planning? (choose two)
36. What is included in the Inspect and Adapt agenda?
37. Product Management works primarily with which other role to define and maintain
nonfunctional requirements?
39. Which principle of the Agile Manifesto is most aligned with conducting a System Demo?
40. SAFe What is one way to establish a team's velocity?
41. SAFe minimum requirement feature
42. in SAFe epics are decomposed into what