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Why do I choose the clothes that I do

,, Why do I choose the clothes that I do? ’’
There are a lot of factors which influence my choice. The first
important for me is how much the clothes cost. They price
always matters. When I’m shopping, I always consult with my
mother, because I really care what she would say about them.
And that’s why my second factor is the opinion of my friends
and family. The third important factor for me is if the clothes
are fashionable. I’m not really comfortable with wearing old
clothes or clothes which are out of fashion. The fourth one is if
the clothes are adaptable. For example:
I liked some white jeans and their price is good, if there are no
shoes to match to wear them, I wouldn’t buy them. We can say
that I don't have style and that's why I just combine clothes that
match each other.
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