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Module 3 Infant Feeding

Ticket to Class (TTC) Module 3: Infant Feeding
After watching the assigned Tinyhood videos, answer the following questions:
1) Name three positions for breastfeeding:
a. Cross cradle hold
b. Cradle hold
c. Football hold
2) Describe the stomach size of an infant on day 1 of life in “fruit” size and ml:
a. Fruit size: a cherry
b. ML: 5-7mL one teaspoon every a few hours
3) Is it normal for a newborn to lose weight? YES NO
4) If a newborn loses weight, we want to limit the weight loss of a newborn to less than
_10___% of the baby’s birth weight.
5) If a newborn loses weight, want the newborn to return to their birth weight by what
age? _Week 2__________
6) When the breastfeeding parent is sick, should they continue to breastfeed? YES NO
7) Describe a minimum of 3 aspects of “normal” nipple soreness with breastfeeding
- Described as soreness
- Lasts for the first few seconds when baby initially latches, and then subsides
- Peaks around day 3-6
- Nipple skin is intact
- Nipple is round when baby unlatches
8) Describe at least 3 aspects of “not normal” nipple soreness with breastfeeding
- Described as pain
- Continues throughout the entire nursing session
- Continues past the first week
- Nipples cracked, bleeding, and/or blistered
- Nipple flattened or compressed when baby unlatches
9) Describe at least 3 tips for a “good latch”
- Keep baby close to mom
- Baby should have both the nipple and some of the areola in their mouth
- Having baby’s chin close to the breast- frees up space between baby’s nose and
mom’s breast