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Geography DBQ

Geography DBQ Essay
If the Czech Republic hadn’t joined the EU its GDP per capita would have been
$3,500 less. The goals of the EU include promoting peace, establishing an internal
market, and balanced economic growth. Joining the EU is beneficial for three reasons:
GDP growth, stability/peace, and cultural expansion.
One reason membership in the EU is beneficial is because it promotes
stability/peace. As seen in document D, for over six decades the EU has contributed to
the advancement of peace and reconciliation; They won a Nobel Peace Prize. Over a
seventy-year period, Germany and France went to war three times but now a war
between them is unthinkable. Being a member of the EU is a benefit because if a
country is allied with many neighboring countries the probability of war is very low.
Another reason membership in the Eu is beneficial is because there are studies
that show GDP growth. As seen in Document B, in 2007 the synthetic GDP per capita, if
the Czech Republic hadn't joined the EU, would have been 20k, but instead, it is 24k.
Hungary in 2003 also showcases this with a $3,000 increase in GDP per capita
because they joined the EU. Being a member of the EU is a benefit because a higher
GDP per capita means a better economy.
A final reason why membership in the EU is beneficial is because of the cultural
expansion. As seen in document F, with all of the unifying happening they want to
create a common foundation of culture, Regulation no.1 says that any member country's
official language will be accepted as working in EU institutions. Being a member of the
EU is beneficial because it allows cultures to collaborate.
Some people might think that belonging to the EU is a bad thing because there
could be strict rules. Still, in areas of GDP growth, cultural expansion, and peace,
membership proves to be beneficial to the countries of Europe.