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Unit One Performance Task Outline

Unit One Performance Task
Compassionate World Leader Memoir
I. Introduce Big 6 Research
Library Video
II. Introduce Compassionate World Leader choices
III. Big 6 Research Step Flip Book
Powtoon Video, ISN
IV. Research CWL background
Group Work, internet
V. Research three events/ experiences
in the life of the CWL that created a change
or impacted the community, nation, or world.
Live Binder
VI. Timeline of CWL events
Group Work, butcher paper timeline
(All classes)
VII. Explore timeline to choose ONE event/
Experience from the CWL life. “Explode” the event
as a mind map in Writing Journal
Mind Map, Writing Journal
VIII. Big 6 Research Chart
Live Binder, Web
VIII. Research Questionnaire
VIII. Memoir Four Square
VI. CWL Memior Rough Draft
H drive, Writing Journal
VI. Revisions/ editing
H drive, Writing Journal
V. CWL Memior Final Draft
H drive, Notebook paper